Sunday , June 11 2023

5 things you should know about for Wednesday 2 & # 39; January 2019: Tax carbon, activists animal rights, cannabis psychosis


While most experts agree that carbon taxation is the cheapest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by & # 39; effect & # 39; greenhouse, there are still concerns about its impact on the Canadian economy . Here's what you need to know more to start your day.

1. Carbon Tax: The tax carbon Trudeau will kill jobs? CTV News looks at the evidence from British Columbia where the Liberal government imposed the first carbon tax in North America back in 2008.

2. Protest of & # 39; Toronto: The activists animal rights blocked a major intersection in & # 39; Toronto on Tuesday, and committed "die-in" to protest the inauguration of the new president of Brazil and its proposed environmental policies .

3. Changes in tax: The new year brings tax changes at the federal level that affect almost every Canadian. Here's what you can expect.

4. Theft of LCBO: The police of Ontario looking for suspects after theft Year Day that saw the vehicle thieves clarified at the liquor store.

5. Legal Marijuana: After legalization, Canadian mental health charity predicts a significant increase in psychosis caused by cannabis.

Other HAG & # 39; …

Wild cat: B.C. man was in for quite a surprise during the week when he found packing & # 39; cougar on the deck & # 39; after.

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