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7 Best Apps To Download YouTube Videos On Android Devices


YouTube is the largest video streaming platform in the world. Moreover, is a place where people like us spend hours & # 39; a day to watching movies and listening to music. In addition, many people use YouTube to learn about something or other. YouTube is full of & # 39; Amazing features. The only drawback is that it prevents us download their content offline. want Download videos & # 39; YouTube on your smartphone? Do not worry, here is the list of & # 39; 7 apps that allow you to download videos directly from YouTube.

YouTube videos offline save feature that opened a few years back. But this feature seems a joke. We say this because not jippermettilekx download those videos have rights & # 39; author. And we all know that most of the music and movie videos are subject to copyright. Therefore, it can not save them offline. But do not worry, we are here with a list of & # 39; 7 best Android apps to download videos & # 39; YouTube.

7 Best Android Apps to download YouTube Videos

1. Videoder

Videoder is extremely simple YouTube video downloader and b & # 39; his health for Android phones. It is extremely free, software & # 39; trust to download videos & # 39; YouTube. Best feature & # 39; this application is that allows you download videos not only from YouTube but Facebook Instagram and many more.

2. TubeMate

When it comes to the best YouTube video downloader for Android, Tubemate is probably the first name to remember in mind. It is one of the oldest video downloaders YouTube for Android Smartphones. Trusted by millions worldwide. TubeMate gives you the option to download videos in your preferred format. It also incorporated a media player that allows you to stream & # 39; videos offline. You & # 39; read the detailed review and see TubeMate here.

3. Vidmate

This is another downloader of & # 39; YouTube for Android famous and highly valued. Vidmate used by millions & # 39; people around the world and allows you to download videos from YouTube soon. Also help you to download videos from any other source such as Dailymotion and many more. Just like TubeMate, allows you to download videos in any resolution and format you want. Read the full review and download vidmate here.

4. Snaptube

Other strong in App & # 39; list & # 39; best YouTube video downloader for Android Smartphones. Allows you to download online videos from any platform and in any format. The best part is that it is officially available on the Google Play store that makes it even more & # 39; trust. You & # 39; download videos & # 39; YouTube without compromising quality. Read the full review and download Snaptube here.

5. KeepVid

The list & # 39; websites that support & # 39; KeepVid is truly exhaustive, which means you & # 39; download videos from anywhere on the internet. In addition, has a feature that converts videos in & # 39; MP3 format. The network and the speed of downloading & # 39; KeepVid are unique and extremely reliable for users & # 39; Android. It is available in & # 39; two versions, one is b & # 39; anything and the other is a premium version, and available on the Google Play Store.

6. WonTube

It is relatively new in app & # 39; this segment. However, the customers & # 39; loyalty shown to this custom, made us in our list of the best YouTube downloader for Android. The app is a b & # 39; anything and does not interfere with users & # 39; many advertisements. This is probably why many users love.

7. YTD YouTube Downloader Android

YTD YouTube Downloader is one of the most apps able to download videos from around the internet for free. The network speed & # 39; this application is extremely great and allow us to download videos with & # 39; rapid speed even with slow internet connection. Also has a feature where you & # 39; directly blaming the URL and download the video on your Android smartphone.

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