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7 Questions raised by "What & # 39; s the Past Prologue"


Episode & # 39; & # 39 evening; The Flash have many fans to take. Not only offered viewers some great references to previous seasons of the CW series and some clever culture of Easter Eggs culture, was also packed with & # 39; a great twist that could raise much of what we thought that we know about Nora Allen and the reasons why they are at present.

Of course, questions about Nora and its grounds are not the only questions presented in the evening & # 39; "What & # 39; s the Past Prologue". After all that failed, m & # 39; aħniex sure x & # 39; is next to Flash team, if Sherloque can & # 39; to be trusted, and there are some things that have fallen to us to ask if we really know how to travel & # 39; time working on The Flash. Since it is hard to stalling, we've broken the top seven & # 39; questions about the event & # 39; evening to raise you, but just so you know, there spoilers for episode 100 night & # 39; The Flash beyond.

Slide 1 a & # 39; 7S & # 39; is next to Flash Team?

Team Flash had almost perfect plan to defeat a Cicada. They mounted equipment to broadcast his dagger and, once his dagger was out of the way could be caught. It seems easy, but does not go to plan. Cikada was able tsejjaħ dagger despite being broken in space, then fled without a trace.

So what next? Sure, got close to making & # 39; Cicada, but now he them. Moreover, it appears off the grid and while we are quite confident that this will not last what is certain is that the team would have to issue best plan possible & # 39; possible if it is to have any hope a & # 39; seizures "that left & # 39; away".

Slide 2 a & # 39; 7We niddaw to Sherloque?
The Flash Episode 100 04
(Photo: The CW)

Sherloque was kind & # 39; odd figure after his arrival to help hunt & # 39; Cicada, but tonight seemed to take more & # 39; delicate vibe. The first, seems to have been more skeptical of & # 39; Nora usual, but then told her journal and changed some of the text to reveal a message: "The calendar is malleable". It is an exhibition that seemed very interesting to Sherloque.

So, can we trust him? We are not sure, but with a display that Nora is working with & # 39; Eobard Thawne – version & # 39; Wells – the future is beginning to seem like a good course & # 39; action would not trust anyone seen any version of & # 39; Harrisone Wells.

Slide 3 a & # 39; 7Wait … Thawne not only confirms the Tornado Twins?

When Thawne seemed to Nora was not just a spectacular woman and the woman was, in fact, Barry daughter, he asked They then made the comment that Barry had at least one.

They citing Allen alone is curious reference, x & # 39; is most interesting is that it seems to Thawne ssemmiha in the context of & # 39; These twinning as & # 39; Nora – and how fans & # 39; DC Comics know, in comic Barry and Iris have twins These and Don – Tornado Twins. These comics Allen is a mother & # 39; Jenni Ognats, also known as XS.

If the comment & # 39; & # 39 Thawne corresponds; the idea that Nora has a sister, Dawn, it seems that there really are twins in the future. It also confirms that the comments sent Barry while he was talking gibberish about the Speed ​​Force last season – what about the need for & # 39; more diapers – it & # 39; very well on the West Allens have multiple. However, fans may not want to get their hopes too early: the look on the face of & # 39; when Nora called her Thawne They suggest that there is something spjaċevola to expect in the future.

Slide 4 a & # 39; 7Why do not you know Thawne killed Nora to her grandmother?
The Flash Episode 100 01
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Nora presents itself as she knew everything about Flash thanks to the Flash Museum, yet tonight that it did not know perhaps one of the greatest things to know about Barry Allen: mother, Nora, was killed by Reverse Flash Eobard Thawne . Even if Barry disappears when Nora was younger, you think she know this fact and yet, she was fully loaded it. How?

The only thing we can think about why Nora m & # 39; has no idea who killed Thawne to her grandmother? There has major issues with Flash Museum, making it profoundly unreliable source for information about the Scarlett Speedster.

Slide 5 a & # 39; 7He managed to meet & # 39; to & # 39; Zoom just mess up the timeline?

When Barry and Nora went back to the day Barry lost his speed to Zoom encountered major issue: Zoom spottedhom and chased them into the Speed ​​Force Zoom will only be removed from Wraith Time. With that mess up the timeline? Right now maybe great, but if so can & # 39; have major ramifications on the calendar Zoom is taken before you had.

That being said, some fans have already started teorizzjonaw the Time Wraith is "killed" Zoom, but instead simply pushed back to the correct point in the calendar.

Slide 6 a & # 39; 7It was Dr. Ambre?
The Flash Episode 100 07
(Photo: The CW)

In the chaos after the explosion & # 39; STAR Labs, Barry and Nora spread throughout the hospital so they can put their equipment in & # 39; convenient place to recover five years in the future and audiences seeing a doctor making the liqueur on the many victims who have brought – the same Dr. Ambre seen collaborating with & # 39; Cicada this season. While it does have a major role, the brief moment seems to set the stage for contempt of metahumani and makes us more curious about its role in the crusade & # 39; Cicada – specifically, we are beginning to wonder if maybe is the real Big Bad.

Slide 7 a & # 39; 7Why work with Nora & # 39; Thawne?

Perhaps the largest question comes & # 39; all in the last moments of & # 39; episode & # 39; in the evening revealed that Nora has been working with & # 39; Thawne – or at least send data to it in 2049. Nora Why do it, given that he NEMESI of & # 39; her father?

While there are a million possible, can & # 39; is the presence of & # 39; Thawne during the crisis Barry disappears in 2024 to driving actions & # 39; Nora. Because it is a document events in & # 39; language & # 39; special time to change x & # 39; is the timetable and seems to have turned the timetable is malleable, it can & # 39; use it to save her father from the crisis completely – and this means Thawne can & # 39; he is using it for his sake as well.

What had questions about the episode & # 39; the Press & # 39; The Night? Tell us in the comments & # 39; below.

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