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Adrianne Haslet-Davis: The survivors of the bombing & # 39; Boston struck by car


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F & # 39; location, Adrianne Haslet-Davis said it was "completely broken"

Dancers who lost part of his leg in the marathon bombing & # 39; Boston 2013 is in hospital after hit by a car.

Adrianne Haslet-Davis, who is now spokesman and campaign, stazzjona about the incident on Instagram.

From the bed of her hospital, it was revealed that crosses Boston street when she was hit on Saturday.

"Throw in the air and land, crush the left side of my body," she said in the post, which showed that she needed surgery.

In her office, Ms. Davis Haslet described himself as "completely broken".

More details on his injuries are not immediately clear, but police told the Boston local media were not believed to be a danger to life.

Officials say that the driver, remaining & # 39; on the spot, failed to stop at marked crossings.

The man, who was not mentioned, told the police did not see Mrs Davis crossed Haslet due to dark and rainy weather, reports the Boston Globe.

Ms Davis was turning in Haslet Marathon & # 39; Boston and changing injuries suffered in life when two bombs & # 39; cooker cooker climbed near the finish line.

Three people died in the terrorist attack, and many others were injured & # 39 ;.

The ballroom dancer of the lost part of a leg, but vowed to return & # 39; existed despite the amount of & # 39; her injuries.

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Ms Haslet-Davis (center) helped brothers to finish the race in 2014

Continued to appear in & # 39; of & # 39; year TED discussion after an event, and also carried on television & # 39; US Dancing With the Stars.

In 2016 was one of two survivors returned amputee to run the marathon.

In its website, Ms Haslet-Davis says it refuses to be called "victim" of & # 39; attack, and is known to use the hashtag #AdrianneStrong.

F & # 39; a series of posts on her Instagram history on Sunday, thanked people for their support over the internet.

"I'm really scared & # 39; and going into the next surgery – do not know whether there will be more," said the post.

"I can I feel love and your support and wanted to say thanks. I'm really scared & # 39; but I think I'm in & # 39; your hands."

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