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Airline doubt the guise after the agent allegedly qatagħ door ABCDE of Redford & # 39; 5 years


Jackie Dunham, CTVNews.ca Staff

Published Thursday, November 29, 2018 12:17 ET

Last Updated Thursday, November 29, 2018 1:58 ET

Southwest Airlines apologized to a family after the mother & # 39; & # 39 girl; five say that the door agent called the name & # 39; his daughter and asked ABCDE photo step & # 39; his embarking on social media.

Traci Redford told KABC-TV that she and her daughter would climb prior to home & # 39; flight to El Paso, Texas a few weeks ago at the airport & # 39; John Wayne f & # 39; California when the gate agent started going by the name & # 39; his daughter on the boarding pass.

"The gate agent started forward, and pointed me and his daughter, speaking to & # 39; other employees. So I said and said," Hey if I can hear you, my daughter can & # 39; hear & # 39; you, so I would appreciate if intomx stop ", told the news station.

Redford said she and ABCDE, to pronounce his name "AHB-sih-dee," were climbing early because her daughter had epilepsy.

The mother also said that the Southwest employee & # 39; air photo made the step & # 39; boarding & # 39; his daughter and sent him on the internet. Redford said she found about the office by another person Ratha online and complained to the line & # 39; air.

When contacted by CTVNews.ca, spokesman for Southwest Airlines issued a statement & # 39; apology to the family.

"We extend our sincere apology to the family. We are very proud to broaden Hospitality our Southwest to all our customers, which includes live by the golden rule and treat each individual with & # 39; respect, personally or online ", said the statement. "The post is not indicative of care, respect and civility we expect from all our employees."

The spokesman of the airline also said that followed with the employee involved in the incident, but he did not disclose whether the agent or the door was constrained iffaċċjax any disciplinary action.

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