Monday , June 5 2023

Algonquin College reserving seats in programs & # 39; technology women


The Algonquin College is reserving 30 percent of seats available in & # 39; four & # 39; of the most popular programs of its technology for women who meet the minimum standards & # 39; admission.

The 'We Saved You a Seat "launched the week and hopes to increase the number of & # 39; women taking programs that are currently dominated by men.

"It is possible that we will hear comments about reverse discrimination", said Sarah Gauen, specialist & # 39; diversity and inclusion in college.

"But really, this is about making sure that everyone who comes to our school getting a really good education."

The pilot project & # 39; three years will reserve seats in & # 39; these programs:

  • Technical & # 39; electrical engineering.
  • mechanical engineering technology.
  • Technical electromechanical engineering.
  • Technical of computer systems.

Gauen said 30 percent is the critical mass where women are really involved in groups and isolated jħossuxhom in classes.

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The initiative does not set a limit on the number of & # 39; women can take programs, however.

If the programs are very popular, said Gauen, they simply "be f & # 39; open competition for the remaining seats".

"This program will guarantee & # 39; admission to 30 percent for women", she said.

On the other hand, if you do not apply enough women, the rest & # 39; spots will go to men.

Holly Wilson are praising the project, and said he still remembers how uncomfortable he felt in his first day in the electrical engineering technology.

"[It was an] intimidating the first day, absolutely, "said Wilson." It was & # 39; type & # 39; eagerness to go and see just guys. "

Wilson, who is now in her third semester, said she is now very comfortable with & # 39; her other students, but believes that more women consider applying if they know they are surrounded by other women.

"There is this little obstacle is kind & # 39; intimidation, shutdown & # 39; in & # 39; completely filled place with men and feeling aside. This scared people & # 39; outside," said Wilson.

Currently women represent only about 10 percent of students in & # 39; a technological program in the Algonquin College.

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That's about two to four & # 39; women per class, according to Kathryn Reilander, technology professor & # 39; electrical engineering.

She said it is important that young women have the confidence to continue studying mathematics and science at the high school level to qualify for & # 39; engineering programs in colleges and universities.

"Be confident it yourself when women in Grade 9, and say that you & # 39; to do this, you can & # 39; & # 39 goes in; these technology areas that are predominantly [filled with] men, "said Reilander.

"You will succeed. You will succeed. You will do well."

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