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All XFL cities revealed – 8 teams for 2020 Launch


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The XFL is expected to make a major announcement the next week to reveal the eight cities hosting teams, but it seems that the final list was published early.

Under new listing on the website of the tournament, cities / regions will host the following teams in the inaugural season of the XFL revised in 2020:

  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Luke
  • Seattle
  • Tampa Bay
  • Washington, DC

Tonight earlier, irrapportajt DomainNameWire showed that several names of registered XFL & # 39; domain yesterday, including three different formats for each of 21 cities and regions; The list includes all eight teams

Three teams have already been confirmed by several reports earlier this week; The first report came from KSDK St. Louis / 5 On Your Side Sports Director Frank Cusumano, who said that the XFL will bring a team to St. Louis and their house will be the Dome in the & # 39 Center; America (formerly the Edward Jones Dome). Later, Shepard WWE insider Bradley reported Seattle is the second city to host team, but announced no place.

Third report & # 39; team came today from separate confirmations by the Office The Washington Post and The Athletic / Soccer beat writer Pablo Maurer. The team reported two f & # 39; Washington D.C. playing their games in & # 39; Audi Field, also the home of & # 39; MLC & # 39; D.C. United.

The tournament will officially disseminate the eight cities and venues that will play for the inaugural season in 2020 during direct stream f & # 39; noon EST on the website of the tournament and Twitter.

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