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Another plus for Cardiac Rehab: Best Sex


Thursday, December 6, 2018 (HealthDay News) – Heart patients who take part in & # 39; cardiac rehabilitation can receive spicy side effect of the program – a boost in their sex life.

The crowd & # 39; cardiac rehab is associated with & # 39; improved sexual function and more frequent sex, according to a new review of evidence.

The work program & # 39; probably helps by increasing the physical capacity of the patient, said the lead researcher Celina Boothby, a & # 39; University & # 39; Calgary, in Canada.

"There is a relationship between sexual health and physical health. If you're able to be more physically active, you're more able to be sexually active," said Boothby, research assistant in the department of community health sciences of.

However, researchers found no strong link between cardiac rehab and sexual satisfaction.

The cardiac rehabilitation program is & # 39; medical supervision designed to improve heart health & # 39; people who have had a heart attack or heart failure, or have undergone angioplasty or heart surgery, according to the American Heart Association.

Rehab involves exercise & # 39; consultancy and training to improve good posture, education on living with & # 39; heart his health, and advice to reduce stress.

For this review, Boothby and her colleagues have undergone medical literature and found 14 studies that evaluated the potential effect of & # 39; cardiac rehab on sexual life & # 39; person.

Six studies specifically related to sexual function, three showed improvement after cardiac rehab and two showed mixed results, the researchers found. One showed only function deteriorated after rehab.

The results of & # 39; the study also showed that people tend to have sex more often after attending the cardiac rehabilitation, compared with & # 39; those not participating in the program.

Most of the research focused on men, said Boothby. But it & # 39; it is expected that women benefit equally from cardiac rehabilitation.

"There's just a lack of & # 39; you are conducting research on women now for this whole subject," said Boothby.

There are three ways of heart disease can & # 39; impact on sexuality, the researchers explained.

For one, physical limitations – such as fatigue, shortness of & # 39; breath, chest pain, erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness – are common among people recovering from heart problem.

Moreover, the blood pressure has been associated with & # 39; sexual dysfunction in men and decrease in sexual response in women.

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