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Anti-freezing b & # 39; these essential key of the cold breaking


Always cold? You are wrapped in three layers, and still wrinkles?

Well something going to get colder. Think shocks snow and the deep freeze. Winter whining and complaints will not jiffissawha – although there are many every year. Like it or not, m & # 39; there is no way around Canadian winters cooling bones, unless they move south, so catch up because this is a cerebral approach. How about dressing properly.

M & # 39; have to be sad because it is a nightmare frigid night there but be happy because you & # 39; combat freezing b & # 39; these amazing elements & # 39; breaking cold. Dress in & # 39; toasty pieces that trap heat and nifshom, and you & # 39; even surprise yourself this season, and icy cold.

The best of the best! The jacket Super StretchDown hood / DS StringchDown colored with blue & # 39; black Mountain Hardwear is a super hot, incredibly stretchy, and made for the movement; available for men as well, sold exclusively at Altitude Sports in Canada;

Radiation color and heat, the red ocher radiators Down Lite Hoodie for men from MEC is isolated hoodie premium lightweight and packed; also available for women, on

This sleeve Mock Long Run Color colored by Under Armor leads all the comfort and warmth of the day when it is out of work & # 39; running, or run;

The glove / AU hundred Convertible offers print technological touch, and light cap can & # 39; drawn on fingers & # 39; for an added layer of & # 39; heat;

The rule of Sweaters – the gentle, gray Hudson Trail Fleece Pullover Sweater by Smartwool heat up your wardrobe and keep toasty;

The blue viktanti Parallel Peak II Beanie from Columbia sportswear thermal reflectors features to keep you toasty;

The feet will stay toasty warm in sports pockets Women & # 39; Shorty Meadows which is waterproof, which breath and reflecting lining features Omni-Heat 3D;


Feel the heat with & # 39; those 10 cold weather hacks:

* Bring on the chicken soup. It's good for your insides as chicken soup has been shown to give properties to enhance immunity and substantial protein to enhance immunity, as well as keep you hydrated, according to the health professional alternative Bryce Wylde, a & # 39;

* Sip on something hot when you're out – such as hot chocolate or tea. They do not add your internal temperature but make you feel fully warm.

* If you're standing and stirring in the cold, then few exercises & # 39 quick – like closure and vent closure and little FISTEK dozen consecutive times – heated and at least distract from the cold !

* Bake gingerbread. Ginger not only good but it hurts stimulant herb that increases circulation and therefore will warm your insides. And baking in your oven heats the house.

* Make a pot of & # 39; & # 39 by heat, some root b & # 39; his health, improving immunity & # 39; Astragalus. "Add Shiitake mushrooms, onions, and tumeric to soup to boost immunity and antiviral effect," adds Wylde. Do not forget garlic, is an antibiotic, and ginger, a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

* Nostalgic thinking happy thoughts while abroad is linked to increased tolerance to freezing temperatures.

* Plan your trip – even if it is spring, the planning and the anticipation will warm you and jġibuk during the dark winter days.

* Always hats. You can & # 39; only lose 10% of your body heat through your head, but every little bit counts when working with Canadian weather.

* Take your echinacea, says Wylde. He immune booster that can & # 39; help suffering symptoms & # 39; cold but also works to prevent them from sick in the first place.

* Make good measure – all will feel warm.

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