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Ariana Grande confirm She's Single f'Tilett Hilari


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If you're looking for relationship advice on 2019, sought no more than the Twitter account of Ariana Grande. Has surprisingly simple plan for her love life for the coming year.

A fan tweeted to ask who is the today's date, and this was its epic response. "Spoiler for rest & # 39; this year / probably my life: m & # 39; is one. Please refer back to this tweet for future questions," which is true mood.

As she and the bride Pete Davidson broke even three months ago, it seems totally fair way to get closer to the new year. What he said he said on "Thank U, Next" when she said that love was new, but "Ari name." The girl's tryna focus on itself!

It seems that Pete is taking their split as well. This weekend, he undertook routine & # 39; standup where he made a joke that is mentioned in the song.

He reminded the audience that many people do not mention b & # 39; blatant way eżes in their songs, but "not this beautiful lady. This genius named diaboliku all."

Pleased to see that m & # 39; there are no hard feelings between the two. Happy 2019!

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