Sunday , April 2 2023

B.C. clerk and sergeant-at-arms "deny having committed any wrongdoing"


The lawyer for the clerk and the sergeant at arms B.C. legislator says that both his clients did nothing wrong.

Mark Andrews, a lawyer for the two men, sent a letter to leaders of the house of the NDP, Liberals and Greens asking the clerk Craig James and sergeant at arms Gary Lenz allowed to return to their seats.

"Craig James and Gary Lenz deny having committed any wrongdoing," reads the letter from lawyer Mark Andrews. "They are entitled to be treated as innocent until proved guilty. As a matter of & # 39; basic fairness, they deserve to know x & # 39; is alleged to have done and will be given the opportunity to respond to those allegations. "

In his letter, says James Andrews and Lenz have not been informed about x & # 39; Are the allegations against them or because they have been placed on administrative leave.

Sergeant at arms and clerk & # 39; B.C. legislature under criminal investigation

Lenz and James placed on leave Tuesday of & # 39; morning after it was tabled a motion in the legislature. The RCMP is carrying out a criminal investigation and appointed two special prosecutors to deal with the case.

"The mere fact that an investigation is not sufficient grounds to suspend them from their posts", reads the letter. "Unless there is something specific to the facts allegedly raised in & # 39; in this case making it impossible to Mr. James and Mr. Lenz perform their duties, the only way that the injustice that takes place now by motion path can & # 39; to mitigate pending the outcome of the investigation, and restore public confidence & # 39; to be restored, the motion is to be revoked. "

If the motion has been revoked, the pair can & # 39; to return to their jobs. They called to the house leaders respond by the end of the day Friday.

B.C. The office & # 39; Speaker says he was investigating clerk and sergeant-and-arms from January

On Wednesday, the special adviser to Alan Mullen spokesman told the media that has been working on this investigation since January and changed information to the RCMP in & # 39; August.

In his letter, Andrews argues that the speaker m & # 39; has "no constitutional authority" to conduct an investigation and James Lenz.

"Neither the Speaker nor their" special "advisor had to be after such a process has been followed in & # 39; in this case," says the letter. "F & # 39; circumstances where the Sergeant-at-Arms has a conflict of & # 39; interest, the proper procedure would have been to the Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms carries the investigation."

Andrews says his clients are seeking to halt the investigation and will cooperate with the investigation.

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