Wednesday , June 23 2021

B.C. parliamentary officials say they still do not know why they were suspended

Two top B.C. officers of the legislature were suspended last week at & # 39; half RCMP investigation say they still do not know anything about the allegations against them.

Sergeant-at-Arms, Gary Lenz, and the Clerk Craig James, asked for their suspensions converted at a press conference in downtown Vancouver River. They said they were interviewed by the police or by two special prosecutors assigned to the case, but plan to cooperate fully.

"Gary and I were deeply humiliated. I can & # 39; I find anything I did that disqualify me from performing my duties during this investigation is completed", said James journalists.

Lenz and James put on administrative leave after a unanimous vote by the MLAs last week. They were escorted by the legislature by the police as the government officials revealed that the two men were under investigation by & # 39; response to allegations that have yet to be made public.

During the conference & # 39; the news on Monday, Lenz urged by thanking family, friends and strangers for their support over the past week.

"No type & # 39; still too small is not. This is a difficult situation for everyone, but I believe that the weather maltempar will make British Columbia more b & # 39; robust, as can prevent some such a thing does not happen before they & # 39; start, "he said.

The clerk of the House Craig James, center, was escorted out by the legislature after it was placed on leave. (Mike McArthur / CBC)

The turmoil in the legislature

The events that led to the suspension of two officials were the source of & # 39; very upset in the legislature over the past six days.

Of & # 39; particular concern to opposition B.C. The liberals are the actions of Speaker Darryl Plecas, who came to his friend Alan Mullen f & # 39; in January as a special adviser to help you look at the activities of & # 39; Lenz and James.

This weekend, Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson called meeting & # 39; emergency Plecas to ask about renting – and its suggestion that could Mullen & # 39; to replace Lenz as sergeant at arms. Plecas rejected that request on Monday.

F & # 39; letter to the household heads & # 39; three parties, Plecas said it is in & # 39; hand assembly to decide whether you want to remove the motion to put to Lenz and Plecas on leave.

Plecas wrote that the three leaders supported the view that "it is not appropriate to these permanent officials continue to be in the front assembly active criminal investigation into their actions related to the assembly."

The last week, Plecas submitted to the attorney general Wally Oppal as a second special adviser to assist in & # 39; legal matters.

The office & # 39; Plecas sent information to the police about Lenz and James f & # 39; August, and since then have included two special prosecutors to assist in the investigation.

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