Thursday , August 11 2022

B.C. The deadline referendum on electoral reform was extended to December 7


The deadline for voting by mail in packages of electoral reform referendum of British Columbia has been extended by & # 39; week.

With the extension, the Elections B.C. said he should receive ballots until 4:30 p.m. on December 7.

The main electoral officer Anton Boegman said the extension is to ensure that voters are not prevented from participating because of attacks turn to Canada Post. Voters are encouraged to return their completed ballot in the mail as soon as & # 39; possible.

The deadline for requesting & # 39; voting package passed – has not changed and remained the week at & # 39; midnight.

The referendum asks B.C. if voters support the electoral system & # 39; the first step past and if they return form & # 39; proportional representation for the next election, which is set for 2021.

From Friday, the Elections B.C. said that about 30 percent of voting packages were returned.

Bill Tielemans of & # 39; no Society & # 39; Proportional Representation & # 39; B.C. urged the Election B.C. extending the referendum due to postal strike. "I think last week is long enough", he said. "It will help to ensure that every voter across the province be given the opportunity to vote on this referendum and ensure that we at least decent participation, we hope to make this a legitimate process."

In addition to asking voters which system support, the vote also includes the second question allows voters to rank their preference for three types of & # 39; proportional representation.

Any changes & # 39; away from first-pass-the-post voting system would require & # 39; 50 percent plus & # 39; one favor.

Votes can also be delivered personally to the Referendum Service Office or the majority of B.C. Service offices. The Elections B.C. The website has a list of & # 39; offices accept votes / RSO.

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