Tuesday , June 28 2022

Cameras & # 39; the sensor power & # 39; the image Teledyne board mission & # 39; NASA Mars


Teledyne DALSA, of Teledyne Technologies company and a global leader in digital imaging, participated in the Insight Mission & # 39; NASA to Mars by providing sensors & # 39; CCD color image both Camera to Use Instruments (IDC) and Camera Instrument Measurement.

Teledyne joined & # 39; Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL) to give the color of the image sensors to operate the Insight mission. The camera on the arm of & # 39; Lander will provide views with three landing site colors, placement of instruments and activities to inform the engineers and scientists of the best spots for sismometru and -sonda of heat flux to collect measurements from internal & # 39; Mars.

Teledyne Imaging Space & Defense Group

The images of Teledyne sensors are not new to Mars. Since 2012, and in partnership with former & # 39; JPL, the company has provided twelve black and white sensor & # 39; CCD image to activate the curiosity of & # 39; Mars Rover. The Teledyne Imaging Space & Defense Group, composed of Teledyne DALSA, Teledyne Scientific & Imaging E2V and Teledyne, are known for delivering & # 39; & # 39 innovative solutions; sensing and cameras for space exploration, b & # 39; skills spectrum, from infrared to x-ray image.

"We are pleased to partner joined JPL in & # 39; this mission & # 39; finding mission", commented Edwin Roks, group president, Teledyne Digital Imaging. "We expect this mission tells us a lot about the origin & # 39; Mars, and indeed, the formation of our own planet."

While the Insight Lander began operations immediately surface immediately, collecting science data will begin with & # 39; clearly 10 weeks after landing. The image sensors & # 39; Teledyne will play a key role in helping scientists and engineers decide where to put highly specialized instruments to inform the best results of the study of interior & # 39; Mart.

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