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Canadian Erik Guay ski announces retirement after a decorated career


LAKE LOUISE, Alta. – What was to be a season & # 39; & # 39 song; Islam for Erik Guay ended early Thursday when the Canadian iskejper announced his retirement.

Guay felt some ambivalence when he arrived in Lake Louise, Alta., For the village men to open the season Saturday.

The vessel & # 39; 37 years old from Montreal asked how competitive he is having exceeded most of last season with & # 39; back injury. Guay was also leaning himself for another winter away from his wife Karen and four & # 39; girls ranging in age from one to nine.

Then, before going into training for the first initial training cabin & # 39; Wednesday, Guay sky & # 39; in radio pedigree that the team veteran Manuel Osborne-Paradis was ran.

The tell-tale sound of the chopper to evacuate Osborne-Paradis of the mountain began to cascade & # 39; head thoughts & # 39; Guay was staying there because: neighbors, injuries, surgeries, months & # 39; rehab.

"When Manny crashed, I thought 'I just go remove the chair & # 39; below," Guay said Thursday. "It took everything for me to push the door early."

"Did not I & # 39; niffokajna or charge the way I wanted and when I think I knew it was time."

Within a few hours of crossing the finish line in 69th, Guay took the decision to withdraw at the place where he won the first 25 medal of the World Cup back in 2003, when claimed it down silver in Lake Louise.

"There were many things that bring me in & # 39; different directions," said Guay. "One is my family at home, we are outside for more than a few years is quite difficult at the moment.

"My skiing was not at the level that I wanted that I have. I have had we are out there looking for the feeling, which is & # 39; away from my family, away from my wife for months & # 39; away, try to get. IFS lot. I was not ready to make that time more. "

Along with & # 39; two gold medals and medals & # 39; world championship silver, Guay is the most decorated men in the history of Canadian ski racing.

"He was one of the best slimmers & # 39; below that we had over the past, I & # 39; say, my generation for sure", said the Olympic men's reigning down champion Aksel Lund Norway Svindal .

Osborne-Paradis suffered broken bones in the party & # 39; & # out and leave by 39; indefinitely, leaving the Canadian team to go two more veteran skiers to start the season.

Guay was a model for skiers on the national men's team.

"It's huge for the ski racing community in Canada," said Canadian team thrust Dustin Cook. "I remember seeing him as a kid.

"It's definitely a loss for the team. We knew it was coming. Not a big hole to fill big shoes to fill and for us. He has so much experience and leadership. Definitely is a tough one for us."

Less than two weeks after falling & # 39; b & # 39; & # 39 spectacular way in; Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, Guay won the super-G gold and silver & # 39; down alpine championships in 2017 & # 39; St. Moritz, Switzerland.

"To be able to & # 39; stand & # 39; & # 39 away with; two medals in & # 39; world championship is pretty special," said Guay. "When on, you're on. Even big crashes like those that affect your. They are motivating more than anything.

"I had a big crash in & # 39; Garmisch but only because competitive account and employing. As soon as I felt better and kind & # 39; bruises heal, was ready to get & # 39; ask.

"I had just enough time to heal between Garmisch and St. Moritz. As did my first training there, I knew I was in & # 39; place where I would be competitive."

But it was becoming more difficult for Guay to navigate the physical toll of ski racing. It took the entire season & # 39; 2014 and the 15th time after a pair of & # 39; surgeries on his left knee.

The injury of illimitah back to only two starts last season and forced to withdraw from the Winter Olympics & # 39; & # 39 in February; Pyeongchang, Korea t & # 39; South.

The Olympics & # 39; three times missed the podium with & # 39; 0 .03 seconds in 2010 in Whistler, B.C.

The first victory & # 39; the first World Cup was in its & # 39; Garmisch in 2007. Guay claimed the coveted crystal globe in 2010 as the leader of the World Cup in & # 39; Super-G that season.

He also won the title of fast men in the world in 2011.

From 2006 to 2014, Guay, Osborne-Paradis Jan Hudec and John Kucera made the Canadian downhill for international power team reimbursed the Crazy Canucks, led by Ken Read and Steve Podborski, in 80 years.

"When grown, what was very ispiratni was the legacy of the Crazy Canucks, and viewing of the race & # 39; ski," said Guay.

"I hope I inspired some young Canadians and some young athletes around the world to also be competitive and enjoy our sport. Really this is the legacy that I would quit."

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