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Canucks hoping & # 39; the other front will succeed without Pettersson


Vancouver – Even injured, Elias Pettersson continues to perform miracles as Vancouver Canucks.

On Monday, four days after his knee bent like figure cartoon when he was wrestled to the ice in & # 39; Montreal, Pettersson jogged down some stairs on his way to workout as the Canucks practiced without University a & # 39; BC

It seems Pettersson, the rookie of & # 39; on of the NHL, is out for weeks when he was caught in leg hold & # 39; Jesper Kotkaniemi as the Canadien ġbidlu the last Thursday. Instead, 20 years can & # 39; only lose two or three games. The power of youth and flexibility.

"If you're going to pay your knee, that is probably the best case scenario," said coach & # 39; Canucks Travis Green. "He will not be until we saw other knee injuries in the past.

"I saw many bad things over the years. Do not think too much about it until I know. The fact that he skate off, I thought it was a good sign. I was nistennih to re & # 39; back in the game. That's what I think. "

But Pettersson did not return for the last 34 minutes, and even for two nights later in & # 39; Toronto. Cut 2-0 of the Canadiens and the Maple Leafs rolled 5-0, the Canucks still need to generate target without Pettersson.

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Even missing six games in & # 39; & # 39 by October, concussion, Swedish still lead the Canucks to score with 22 goals and 42 points in 38 games. Seventh & # 39; his goals by winning games are linked to the lead NHL. In the last 10 wins Vancouver, Pettersson scored the decisive goal in & # 39; six of them.

But unless the Canucks can not find a way to win 0-0, someone else would score on Thursday against Arizona Coyotes. Pettersson is expected to miss the game. Every mortal.

"We will not go back to it," said Green. "He will return & # 39; back when he's good and ready.

"When lose your most offensive man, will remove many of your offense. (But) not going to ask guys to do things that are not able to. M & # 39; there is no magic (formula) to score in & # 39; this tournament. Off your breakout, games of your neutral, might scoring on the rush, is a good thing. And in the offensive zone, you have to be hard, you have to win the battles of the ropes, you have to play quickly. "

After running the NHL in games and road games, the Canucks finally have the time to practice since playing just six matches – all in & # 39; Arena Rogers – in four & # 39; weeks come. So, on Monday, Green led the team through & # 39; physical practice showed a stack of & # 39; evidence of battle. How else team to score?

"The last two games were closed," said the circumstances of the veteran center Jay Beagle. "We are talking about. Today, the focus has been on the net and just fight. He is niċċaqlaq to get oily areas, where you reach those goals. The struggle to enter in & # 39; those areas is not easy. It was a practice with & # 39; high speed b & # 39; a lot of battle drills. It's a simple message. "

There is a psychological element to lose your best offensive player. The Canucks have gone 3-3 without Pettersson f & # 39; October but scored only 11 goals in & # 39; & # 39 in regulation, those six matches.

They soared 61 shots the last two games without scoring. Vancouver also closed two of the last five matches played Pettersson, so the offense began struggling even before being injured. The Canucks have failed to score only twice in their first 38 games.

"If the issue scorer on a team, it has an effect and perhaps other guys are pressing too hard," said circumstances Bo Horvat center. "It affects mentally to guys. For us, we both took simplify our game and capitalize on our opportunities. If we were not doing are opportunities, we more worried. "

Winger Brock Boeser said: "When m & # 39; you are scoring goals like we have the last few games, that when you really need to have a gritty and put pucks in the net and get the body there. Once hit a couple home , others are starting. "

That is the hope, which is what is true about this season for the Canucks.

"We're not struggling harder now than we were in & # 39; in November, the first game than we've had in Calgary (open & # 39; night)," said Green. "The culture we have is that the will to win is high every night. Not f & # 39; suddenly, & # 39; Hey, we will try harder because we are now closer to .500 now. & # 39; If you're going to play well in & # 39; certain times of the year, you will not be very successful team and you will not have great success culture. We have kept the pedal & # 39; below First Day and that's the mentality and culture we want to build for years to come. "

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