Wednesday , December 8 2021

"Challenge crushed! ': Sask. Suspect arrested after the police was working on Facebook


When the photo & # 39; man wanted in & # 39; Saskatchewan b & # 39; & # 39 connection; series & # 39; break-ins & # 39; mailbox was divided on the Saskatoon Crime Stoppers Facebook page last month, received a reply dehretha vertiena.

"Catch me if you can & # 39; pigs," said a comment from a user & # 39; Facebook goes by the name Joe Vermette.

Demolition Crime quickly wrote back: "Challenge accepted."

Less than three weeks later, Leslie Joseph Vermette was arrested by police & # 39; Saskatoon, according to Crime Stoppers.

The police did not qaletx if tiffaċċjax costs.

"The challenge was heard across the province accepted and was quick with & # 39; success!" Crime Tkejjex wrote Tuesday.

"Anyone else feel foolish to issue a challenge?" Added.

Ryan EHALT, coordinator of Saskatoon Crime Stoppers, told CTV Saskatoon last month that the organization was not even focused on Vermette at the time of the comment, but caused him to "jump to the top of the line."

The location & # 39; Facebook made as a result of comments she joined more than 8,000 times.

The second suspect wanted b & # 39; pawżati connection to the mail box remains & # 39; in general.

"The Challenge" heard around the province was accepted and was quick b & # 39; success! Leslie "Joe" Vermette …

Sent from Saskatoon Crime Removal Tuesday, 4 & # 39; December 2018

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