Wednesday , July 28 2021

Children suffer headaches during the tournament after the CO build up in the arena of Saskatchewan

Montmartre, Sask. – children's hockey championship in & # 39; Saskatchewan was canceled after some players developed pain & # 39; Suspecting head and officials who were suffering from poisoning & # 39; carbon monoxide.

Scott Dusyk, the board president & # 39; arena in & # 39; Montmartre, says the tournament & # 39; the Atom was going on Saturday when some children complained of pain & # 39; head.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority confirms that some people from the incident appeared in local hospitals, but a spokesman did not disclose how many patients or severity of their symptoms.

SaskEnergy technicians say the utility respondents noted that the gas was present in the ice surface, as well as in the arena lobby.

Speakers Casey MacLeod says that all construction equipment operating on natural gas has been working with & # 39; normal mode, and suspected technician smoke of Zamboni were the source monoxide carbon.

She says there was little vents in the building that opened because of the extreme cold in the province on Saturday.

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