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China contends that Canada released a Huawei executive arrested in & # 39; Vancouver


The Canadian Press

Published Thursday, 6 & # 39; December 2018 5:20 AM EST

Last Updated on Thursday, 6 & # 39; December 2018 5:22 AM EST

VANCOUVER – The Chinese officials are asking that Canada get the chief financial officer & # 39; Huawei Technologies, who was arrested in & # 39; Vancouver over the weekend and faces possible extradition to the United States.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said that the Chinese government wants Canadian officials show the reasoning behind the arrest & # 39; Meng Wanzhou Saturday.

He also said that the legal rights of & # 39; Meng should be ensured, and added that neither Canadian nor American officials the & # 39; now responded to the concerns of China.

The comments come after the embassy of China in & # 39; Ottawa issued a statement Wednesday calling the arrest & # 39; Meng serious violation of human rights.

"(Canada) arrested Chinese citizen (not vvjolax) any Canadian or American law," said the statement.

"We will closely monitor the development of the issue and take all measures to discuss with & # 39; resolutely way the rights and legitimate interests of the Chinese citizens."

Meanwhile, a clerk in B.C. The Supreme Court said Meng appeared in court Wednesday and the bail hearing is scheduled for Friday.

The speaker of the Canadian Department of Justice Ian McLeod said the U.S. seeks extradition of & # 39; Meng, but could not provide further details on the case because the ban on publication is effective upon request & # 39; Meng.

Meng was changing flights in Canada when it was held 'in & # 39; the name of the United States of America "to face" unspecified expenses "in New York, said Huawei in & # 39; statement.

"The company has little information about the charges was provided and is not aware of & # 39; any wrongdoing by Ms. Meng," said the statement. "The company believes that the Canadian legal system and & # 39; in the United States ultimately will come to a fair conclusion."

F & # 39; April, China appealed to Washington to avoid damaging business confidence following a report of the Wall Street Journal that the US authorities allegedly were investigating whether Huawei breached sanctions on Iran in & # 39; technological tensions growing.

That same month, Washington managed to Huawei rival ZTE Corp. from exporting technology & # 39; in the United States & # 39; separate case on exports to Iran and North Korea & # 39; On.

In his statement Wednesday, Huawei said the company complies with all laws and regulations in the countries where it operates, including export controls applicable, sanctions and UN regulations, the United States and the European Union.

Huawei, the largest global supplier of & # 39; network equipment used by phone companies and internet, was aimed at strengthening the security concerns & # 39; USA. Under the President & # 39; the US Donald Trump and his predecessor, Barack Obama, Washington presided European and other allied countries to limit the use of its technology.

The U.S. Huawei to see and the smaller Chinese technology suppliers as possible to the Chinese track and ispying as commercial competitors. The administration & # 39; Trump says benefiting from undue subsidies and market barriers.

David Mulroney, former Canadian ambassador to China, said the US and Canadian business executives may face reprisals in China.

"This is something that we should be seen. It is a possibility. China rough play", Mulroney told the Associated Press. "It is a prominent member of their society and is a company that truly incorporates search China for global recognition as a technological power."

Mulroney said that Canada should be prepared for "sustained fury" and said the Chinese to be shown in China as Canada for Trump. He also said that allegations of & # 39; Iran are & # 39; great harm to Huawei and said that China will encourage many.

Sen. U. Ben Sasse, Republican member of the Senate armed services and banking committees, applied to Canada for arrest.

"The Americans are grateful to our Canadian partners arrested the chief financial officer & # 39; giant Chinese telecommunication company for (allegedly) breaking & # 39; sanctions & # 39; the United States against -Iran ", he said.

Meng is a prominent member of the Chinese society as a deputy chairwoman of Huawei board and daughter of the founder of the company Ren Zhengfei.

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