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Coming up aces: Switch Mario Tennis to get three characters with & # 39; nothing the next year


I hope you all have been practicing lobbing tennis balls at your enemies. Since the beginning of next year, Mario Tennis Aces will receive three additional characters in the roster that can & # 39; taken. These players will be content with a & # 39; nothing for tennis title. There is one catch, however. This involves online tournaments & # 39; monthly.

Get ready to serve (defeat your opponents)

To open the three stars of the following new tennis aces, The players must participate in online tournaments. Not only that but just playing online gives players a chance to get these characters. M & # 39; there are no guarantees.

Here's a sneak peek at the new crop:

Luma Luma technician will be the reward for those who earn a certain amount of & # 39; points a month & # 39; January 2019. I would say that is an increase in ridikulu roster, but aces Chain Chomp has. At least Luma has weapons.

The defensive character Boom Boom will reward the players for tournaments & # 39; February. I remember stomping on it several times a guy head Super Mario Bros. 3.

Finally, Pauline Speedy is a catch for tourneys & # 39; March. Good to see the mayor & # 39; New Donk City to take some time to relax and crush tennis.

I will say that calling these new sports stars "free content" is a bit misleading. After all, players require a paid subscription to play Mario Tennis Aces online. B & # 39; good fortune, those & # 39; us who choose not to carry games on the interwebs still have the characters & # 39; above exactly one month after each has available.

How do you readers feel about the new additions Mario Tennis Aces? Tell us in the comments area!

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