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Dana white piece of & # 39; (espletiva) without morals or values


Colby Covington doubled evening on his criticism & # 39; UFC for a fight with rriservahiex & # 39; title & # 39; full weight – and took his greatest pictures s & # 39; now in the UFC President Dana White.

Earlier today, the White Covington called in & # 39; & # 39 interview, the MMAjunkie and said the promoter had no communication when it comes. Covington (14-1 MMA, 9-1 UFC) said he plans to find White, "comes in the face," and finds have been passed to a shot of title against champion welterweight Tyron Woodley (19-3 -1 MMA), 9-2-1 UFC), and the shot went Kamaru Usman (14-1 MMA, 9-0 UFC) f'UFC 235, instead.

In direct appearance on the evening of MMAjunkie Radio on SiriusXM, Covington said m & # 39; has no real relationship with White, although they appeared together in 2018 with President Donald Trump at the White House. Covington, who won the interim title f'UFC welter weight of 225, only to subsequently removed, also said it was good if White and the UFC wanted jaqtuh.

"Dana White & # 39; s out in the media saying" Colby is not taking the fighting, we do not make it in the UFC. Can & # 39; & # 39 x fights go, anywhere, & # 39; "Covington said. "So what you say is, OK, Dana. Let's see if you're a man of your balls. Let's see if you your word. Let's see if you can stick to & # 39; what you say. You said not to leave it in -UFC? Okay. We nittestjak, mother (espletiva). Let's see how big your balls are. Irrilaxxini, b-h. "

Covington earlier Monday told MMAjunkie to think that the forces working behind the scenes to hamper his hope for shot with the title. He said that taking place "power play" between the UFC and Usman Ali Abdelaziz manager.

Covington said Woodley failed to fight him several times, but now it is good to fight Usman f & # 39; UFC 235, which takes place on 2 & # 39; March in & # 39; T-Mobile Arena in & # 39; Las Vegas.

F & # 39; this fight, Covington Woodley said he thinks will win.

"Woodley will jpejpih," said Covington MMAjunkie Radio. "Usman is scrub, and he even be in & # 39; that position. He even beat anyone in the top 10 who took victory. The wins against guys ranked his only loss to lose – and guys from losses already taken their souls and let (espletivi) bloody and beaten and had no desire to fight more. It has a padded record. It's not even m & # 39; is in position.

"But he talked his way over. He mirda & # 39; some people in the UFC and had such a small role, so good for him – he brings the gap of the fighter & # 39; the first number in the world . But let's make it clear that he will never be the No. 1 fighter in the world because jegħlebni and will never, nor will either be one of those scrubs. I am the fighter of the first number in world and nobody (espletiv) with jwaqqafni. "

The question of Covington with White arising from his temporary victory over Rafael dos Anjos f'UFC 225 in June 2018. When Covington was unable to fight a unification title against Woodley because

When Usman announced to dos Anjos in & # 39; in November, White said he could & # 39; Covington went on with his performance, which was its 13th straight win and ninth & # 39; straight in the UFC. That, Covington support, White was going back on his promise to bring Covington title shot.

And this resulted in Covington is so critical as any fighter can & # 39; is to the boss of the UFC, who said he was the second fiddle to the owner of the former UFC Lorenzo Fertitta before the company's sales.

"I m & # 39; I have no relationship with & # 39; Dana White, and nagħtix (espletiv) him," said Covington MMAjunkie Radio. "He got rid of – it made all the money out of fans, all fans who have built this sport, and sold for $ 4 billion. And the reason the sport even he that is because Lorenzo. So Dana not even done anything – he (was) only a small son Lorenzo control. he keeps his coat for him and stuff. Dana already translated – it brought all the money and let it come to a head. he person piece (espletiva) and m & # 39; has morals or values. "

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