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"Dancing With the Stars: Juniors' re & # 39; re: Season 1, Episode 7


It was the tiny contestants dancing to songs from their birth year with enough reminder of how small and how old are we? Apparently not, since the escape of juniors in & # 39; time to time and learn about dozens of & # 39; different years (okay and one sent to the future). You know, distant times as the eighties! The breakup of & # 39; my ego more than once, this is a perfect theme for the kiddos. The themes and stories about their songs are a little outside areas & # 39; their comfort, and some of them are learning a little history. You know, like the fact that Angelina Jolie is an actress from the 1940s. In addition, we see to Jordan Fisher and Frankie Muniz to dance the Macarena with & # 39; Honey Boo Boo to celebrate the nineties and for that, one never can & # 39; be grateful enough.

Miles Brown and Rylee Arnold (1950s)
Mentor: Lindsay Arnold
Jive, "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley & His Comets
Miles does his duties this week (see children, including this child who is both all week dance has time to do some homework) and learn a little 1950s fun even blow to his mentor, Lindsay . Bless Miles for this exchange: When tells his team that frozen dinners were invented in 50 years, Lindsay wonders x & # 39; were people previously frozen meals. His answer? "They cooked dinner". Besides the facts & # 39; big 50s, Miles and Rylee out I Love Lucy themed jive and is easily one of their best dance. Miles is super strong in his wings and kicks and their side sections are so synchronized. I'm happy. Val Rylee urged to give a great partner – is fatal in & # 39; this routine. Hopefully, Miles celebrated with frozen dinner after. Or not. Those things may be questionable.
Judges Score: 28/30

Mackenzie Ziegler and Sage Rosen (1980s)
Mentor: Gleb Savchenko
Jazz, "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen
All incredible music from 1980 and go to & # 39; … "Call Me Maybe"? M & # 39; have to get wrong, is an excellent song and has a vibe & # 39; 80s it (can & # 39; you see Debbie Gibson to tbandilha?), But you want, pick & # 39; song & # 39; 80s! I appreciate the crimped hair but not enough! Apparently, Gleb are demanding more from his team this week, as well. Mackenzie is a great dancer (trained), so he is jimbottaha to better and more focused. It's tough, we know it. The routine is enjoyable and seems like a box & # 39; vomited crayons on the ballroom floor (v. & # 39; 80), but the judges also want more from Mackenzie. Adam and Val have to move emotionally – and foot legs are still cutting. Mandy fastest laps and points out a few errors, but it also complements the kick & # 39; their links. If you want someone who applauds the kick & # 39; bonding, is Mandy Moore.
Judges Score: 26/30

Mandla Morris and Brightyn Brems (Future)
Mentor: Cheryl Burke
Paso Doble, "The Paradise & # 39; Gangsta" by 2WEI
I do not know, how long it took to realize that the futuristic step & # 39; Mandla and Brightyn (that nobody wanted detects over 70 years) was set for an epic orkestali version of Paradise & # 39; Gangsta of & # 39; coolio? What choice awesome song & # 39 ;. The job & # 39; & # 39 in Mandla, this week is to b & # 39; his health, placed, and aggressively – step is the matador dance, after all. It mainly carries that! Val has some notes about wanting more "fight", but Mandy out that Mandla had no dance training entered into, so the fact that he can & # 39; obtains building and departure so well is a true feat. Adam is also a big fan: "If this is what seems to pass in the future, I do not sleep on it", he says. What to say, here is hope that this is what the future looks, right? At least, it can & # 39; there are stacked shiny hood?
Judges Score: 24/30

Ariana Greenblatt and Artyon Celestine (1940)
Mentor: Brandon Armstrong
Quickstep, "Classic" from MKTO
Another other option & # 39; interesting song assigned to the decade, but we really need to talk about Ariana by tismagħ Angelina Jolie as an example of & # 39; "Old Hollywood". I know these kids are young – how can you miss? – but it really hurts bad. At least post-dance she names Audrey Hepburn as her favorite actress. We are moving closer! Quickstep dance is tough for small dancer – much of it needs to be in the frame – but Ariana and Arty make it easy. The choreography & # 39; Brandon is large and combines the modern with & # 39; 1940 b & # 39; clever ways (that side & # 39; side and pretend to be in the frame? I & # 39; m dead). Judges do not have much work & # 39; understand, mostly just agreeing that it should be stiff style, but like, thanks to the future, judges?
Judges Score: 27/30

JT Brown and Sky Church (1920s)
Mentor: Alan Bersten
Charleston, "Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We)" by Fergie & Q-Tip & Goon Rock
Now, this is the modern way to pick a song to go with a retro style. Sure, with Baz Luhrmann makes it easy for them? Yes, but who take care of? The Charleston is the perfect party and dance Sky and JT jiskimpawx not at the party. The routine is fast but never chaotic, and Sky appear in control all the time. The girl got her touring Charleston. Mandy warns that goes & # 39; forward and then beat a few times, but with & # 39; judges are generally big fans & # 39; Sky and JT. As you & # 39; not when she adds that inspire kids things like "If you do something, just do it." Sure, she stole from Nike, but she does not know!
Judges Score: 27/30

We gathered in the semi-finals next week, so this is hard cuts – are so close to winning that trophy! Unfortunately, this week to say goodbye Mandla and Brightyn, as team Cheryl sent home. Now we we are to the last four, who do you think has a shot to take this baby home?

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