Saturday , July 24 2021

Daniel Bryan with AJ Styles attacking ring ropes; Thanks Johnny Gargano Evolve

Daniel Bryan attacking styles & # 39; AJ with the ring ropes (Video)

During the main event & # 39; live event in WWE & # 39; Omaha, NE, the middle rope ringrazza the match between WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and challenger AJ Styles. Being savvy professionals, and Bryan Styles improvised at an incredible level, using the ring ropes as a weapon in their game.

See footage from the crowd below:

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Thanks Johnny Gargano & # 39; Evolve (Photo)

Johnny Gargano returned to his old grounds this last weekend, appeared on two events & # 39; Evolve 119 and 120, and beat Austin Theory at the last event. He took to social media to express his gratitude for promotion helped launch his career in mainstream wrestling. During his post & # 39; 7 years with & # 39; WWNLive, Gargano became champion & # 39; twice Open The Freedom Gate, Open The United Gate Champion (w / Rich Swann), and Evolve inaugural Tag Team Champion with & # 39; Drew Galloway.

"The home is where the heart is. Thanks to this weekend, @WWNEVOLVE. "

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