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Danny Murphy chooses two stars Chelsea and Man Utd are not good enough for Tottenham Football | Sport


The north & # 39; Londoners were linked & # 39; Italian internazzjonalitajiet steps and Brazil in the summer.

The boss Mauricio Pochettino not completed by signing every man, b & # 39; Jorginho going to join Chelsea and Fred & # 39; Manchester United.

Neither men m & # 39; passed to their respective clubs, which does not go unnoticed by Murphy granted.

"I do not know who could & # 39; signed the summer could & # 39; helped," said the England & # 39; England said the his old side in his column & # 39; Daily Mail. "Jorginho in Chelsea is a good player but would not bring the Tottenham team and could not cope with & # 39; Dele Alli in their individual battle night.

"The signing of & # 39; £ 50 million & # 39; Manchester United did not reinforce to Spurs."

Tottenham moved with no reinforcement in the summer, many hampers decision.

Many fans & # 39; Spurs were disappointed with the club failing to strengthen the team and believes it would be & # 39; detrimental to their titles hopes.

Murphy disagrees with & # 39; that assessment and thinks that the club was not entitled to bring someone who was not better than the players already had at their disposal.

He added: "There was so much weakness and dark about the lack of & # 39; activity & # 39; & # 39 transfer, but turning a blind eye because Tottenham.

"If you will purchase center & # 39; before & # 39; hereinafter, should be better than Harry Kane.

"If you will sign a student, he should be better than Son was brilliant against Chelsea.

"People think that buying more players is the answer to everything.

"It's not. Improving players already have and work with them is also important.

"Think about the work that has gone into improving & # 39; Moussa Sissoko. He is explicit in his best Spurs shirt, the firm Erik Lamela.

"And when I saw their bench, you see why. We give some credit to the club to give chance to young participants and relationships & # 39; building.

"Not always obsessed with the next shiny toy is available in the transfer market, often at inflated prices.

"I came a wand to defend the health & # 39; the team & # 39; Tottenham so I'm almost as happy as Daniel Levy."

The next hike & # 39; Tottenham will conveniently take Inter Milan game group & # 39; Champions League.

And on Sunday, will take on bitter rivals Arsenal in the first northern derby & # 39; of the London season.

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