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Destiny 2: Black Armory is expanding, is a subscription to Destiny


Destiny 2& # 39; s new Black Armory add-on was never promised to expansion, at least in the way Bungie did in the past. While not actually & # 39; you are not sure what nsejħilha – so our mini referred to as expansion or expansion in the past – certainly differs from traditional content drops & # 39; Destiny. instead, Destiny 2: Armory Black feels like a promise that more will be having just a small taste of & # 39; new content.

Black Armory expansion does not feel like, feels like a MMO subscription.

When did you first Black Armory, I was sent to speak to a Spider forsaken, Which is then sent to the Tower to meet & # 39; to & # 39; Ada-1 – the new vendor by Black Armory. Ada, while rtiġenti to work with the Guardian, sent quest to build a framework & # 39; weapon it. I killed Fallen, specific boss and some powerful enemies – all as I have received. When rritornajt, Ada sent me and my fireteam of & # 39; three to Volundr Forge, new activity in & # 39; Black Armory.

The Volundr Forge – and presumably all Forges following – mode is based on the waves. I know that probably heard that before, but & # 39; now this casting is the most fun I had in & # 39; one of these ways or Destiny or Destiny 2. The goal is to kill specific enemies and bright while cease army & # 39; normal soldiers. Those bright batteries flying, you'll need to impose counterfeiting – this is done by providing the battery from the air and the branch itself, the b & # 39; any way is fun every time.

The catch is that the mode is measured, and you have just minutes to put 20 inches Each battery glowing enemies killed and deposited increases battery time, but the clock is tight. However, the stronger you get, and the more you learn mode, the faster you can & # 39; get. Well ways such as Blind and Protocol & # 39; escalations felt waited around enough enemies to bring & # 39; forward to progress since a high level of & # 39; s strength. But & # 39; now, forging allows you to move as quickly as allowed your skills and always commit yourself by attaching manually discarding batteries.

Titan has a hammerhead Destiny 2: Armory Black

Bunige / Activision

After kkompletajt my first forging, you had hammerhead, the first of the legendary machine in Destiny 2. F & # 39; that point, I got to Ada as a seller and opened new options for me to pursue. Can & # 39; & # 39 work through; bounties and keep forging to inħejji the legendary sports – can & # 39; made only after building another frame, long process. Or've gambit myself to ensure an arm or random Crucible. Each of these Black Armory the nġarrbu them with weapons perkuri & # 39; random, which means you have reason to model the same thing in the second, third or 50 times.

Counterfeiting itself is not only the most pleasant & # 39; these new features, but also one of the most & # 39; satisfaction. Through my game, I found many reasons to re & # 39; start, and I'm looking forward to my chance to forge new hammerhead better than my last. The Forge offers the perfect amount of & # 39; varied gameplay and engaging with & # 39; exceptional and exciting prizes.

Interestingly, counterfeiting is also extremely high at the moment, and this makes it quite difficult. The first of three waves – in the third wave which leads to a fight & # 39; boss – has a level & # 39; Recommended power & # 39; 610, rising to 630 before the forgery is complete. For those not around for the last few months, that is 10 levels & # 39; higher power by the end of & # 39; Destiny 2: Forsaken baseline.

start Black Armory f & # 39; 600, my team was still able to complete multiple runs through counterfeiting & # 39; one day. However, there was much trial and error between. While most players are frustrated by it – just check the answers to any recent & # 39; Bungie Black Armory Tweets – this power escalation is a great addition to the game players late. It offers a challenge to players who have been residing for 600 weeks were missing. There are tons of & # 39; content forsaken to play, and those who have reached the cap and exhausted, Black Armory here to bring more.

And finally, what is Black Armory is: more content for those who ceased things to do. Right now, there is only one available forging and everything. I saw everything that was already known in the expansion. But what is good, because other forging comes in a few days, along with & # 39; re raid. After that, we have a full schedule & # 39; new Black Armory things to come over the coming weeks.

Fireteam servants shall fight in a large forging & # 39; Gofannon Armory Black Destiny 2

Bungie / Activision

Black Armory and the Annual Pass is for players who are not 600 it back – probably remain so forsaken do. Currently, Black Armory is feeding & # 39; drip to keep players & # 39; long time like me excited to get & # 39; back every Saturday Destiny & # 39; Tuesday alone x & # 39; is going. That's a feeling I've missing in & # 39; the last few weeks. For players still cut forsaken, All will be here and ready for a few weeks.

When paying for the Annual Pass, pay for Destiny for nine & # 39; coming months, nothing in & # 39; sigh. It's like paying for a World of Warcraft subscription, with the promise of & # 39; & # 39 patch with, more content to keeps invested over the next few months. Black Armory not ready, just beginning.

Destiny 2: Forsaken again & # 39; built the game for what was to be in 2017. He created an incredible base still interested actors months. Black Armory and the Annual Pass aims to grow that base with & # 39; new way. This will cause some pain – especially in & # 39; & # 39 terms, players expectations. But from the little I have seen, we can not expect to Destiny ninġibu every week for the next year and see x & # 39; is a new must do.

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