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Diddy Gives Emotional Eulogy at Funeral & # 39; Kim Porter



Gives Emotional Eulogy

In Funeral & # 39; Kim Porter

25/11/2018 07:31 PST


Diddy gave tribute moving, emotional and sincere to Kim Porter Saturday at the funeral … evidence through & # 39; the audio elelu.

The enthusiasm lasted 15 minutes … and Diddy werah without break. Diddy talked about how Kim taught him how to love. He revealed … at the beginning of the year was treating depression and Kim arrived and joqgħodlu his comfort, and ascertained that it was okay.

Diddy continued describing their evolutionary relationship relationship … which produced three children and a relationship was solid from start to finish.

There were moments so as to shift the mourners cheered.

Diddy made it clear … is always there for his children, and took a big laugh when talking about his daughters could confidence in … confident "everything".

End by making it clear … Kim will always be with him.

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