Tuesday , August 9 2022

Doug Ford moves to cancel the arbitration hearings with doctors & # 39; Ontario


The government & # 39; Ontario canceling a & # 39 proceedings; arbitration with the province's doctors, a move that the Medical Association & # 39; Ontario denouncing as "unprecedented" and "an affront to the rule of law."

The province claims to terminate the hearings & # 39; arbitration – which were scheduled to complete this month – because the agreement in the medical profession in the province.

Last month, a subset of & # 39; & # 39 by specialists; high & # 39; voted in accounts & # 39; online referendum to leave the OMA, the official negotiator for nearly 31,000 physicians practicing in the province.

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The Ontario Association of Specialists said that just started to support & # 39; eight physician groups and specialties mandate to urge the government & # 39; Ontario to amend the legislation actually serves the province to negotiate the fees with doctors & # 39; anyone other than the OMA.

The OMA recommended that less than 5 percent of doctors in the province actually voted to join a separate association.

"Clearly there is public doubt in the profession about whether the OMA is the exclusive representative of & # 39; doctors in & # 39; Ontario," Craig Rix, a lawyer for the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) wrote f & # 39; e-mail letter to the head of the arbitration panel on Monday. "The MOHLTC m & # 39; must trust that OMA can & # 39; gives the result & # 39; any decision & # 39; arbitration."

The OMA rejected that argument, said William Kaplan arbitrator in his own legal letter, sent on Tuesday, which was "unfounded and totally wrong" to suggest that the OMA is not able to enter into & # 39; arrangement & # 39; arbitration. So, the OMA lawyers argue that the government can not terminate the arbitration proceedings with & # 39; unilateral way.

"We believe that the government is trying pulls the plug on arbitration because it knows that the arbitration will mean a fair deal for doctors," said Nadia Alam, the president of OMA, f & # 39; letter to members on Tuesday evening.

Dr. Alam was abroad and unavailable for interview. Spokeswoman for Health Minister Christine Elliott did not respond to a request for comment.

The offer of the Conservative government Progressive to cancel arbitration is more twist during battle & # 39; almost five years between Queen & # 39; s Park and doctors, who have been without a contract since 31 & # 39; March 2014.

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The Liberal government & # 39; before doctors earned għedja unilaterally recovered some other payments frozen by both sides were unable to reach agreement & # 39; charge.

Relations between the two sides unraveling in the past year when the government & # 39; Kathleen Wynne agreed to allow doctors access to binding arbitration. Doctors in & # 39; Ontario have been arguing that they were disadvantaged when the talks reached an impasse because there was no mechanism to refer the dispute to a third party for a final word, while the Liberals feared that an arbitrator can & # 39 ; give generous increases in payments to doctors, efforts to control health spending

The arbitration hearings began this spring. After the Progressive Conservatives gained power in & # 39; June, extended an olive branch to the OMA, and converted some dates & # 39; & # 39 in arbitration, negotiation days. The talks stalled and arbitration again & # 39; began last month.

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