Saturday , June 25 2022

Dozens of & # 39; thousands without power over P.E.I. Thursday night


The lights were for decades & # 39; & # 39 thousands; Prince Edward Islanders during the Thursday night, leading to the closure of & # 39; public schools, but the power is restored quickly Friday morning.

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  • Call your cancellation to 1-877-236-9350.

Thursday storm brought strong winds and heavy wet snow and devastated lines & # 39; energy and poles. In addition, cable problems below the surface of water that connects the grid with & # 39; New Brunswick cut the flow of electricity from the mainland.

At 6 am Maritime Electric was listed 38,000 customer without power, but it was until about 6500 at 8:15 a.m. The turmoil is spread across the province.

The speaker & # 39; Maritime Electric Kim Griffin said the big problem with the storm is the wind into & # 39; replaced.

"The weather really only paid us, yesterday afternoon and evening," said Griffin.

"The other thing that occurred last night was to keep things were not … There were things that went down to & # 39; those wind."

Crews come from mainland

The brake cutting reached the highest level & # 39; 80,000 for Maritime Electric in conjunction with the 7000 Summerside Electric Customers.

The crews from Ontario and New Brunswick to help, and Griffin said that work will not be over when the power again & # 39; bring to everyone.

"We are still the main way & # 39; recovery & # 39; bad weather for us. Cleanup will be well in the days and weeks to come", she said.

Putting the & # 39; heating centers have been established across the province.

In light of the storm, Northumberland Ferries canceled early walking between P.E.I. Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It was planned to re & # 39; 11:15 a.m. start the service, but that decision is now pending shipping.

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