Sunday , April 2 2023

ECDC issue integrated guidelines for testing of hepatitis and HIV


Lawyers of the ECDC guidance for concerted effort to increase integrated testing strategies or programs for hepatitis B (HBV), hepatitis C (HCV) and HIV to try to reduce the large number of & # 39; those who are actually infected but not diagnosed. These strategies or programs & # 39; integrated testing should apply the six key principles of testing and meet the individual needs & # 39; those tested:

  • Testing should be accessible, voluntary, confidential and contingent on informed consent.
  • Appropriate information should be available before and after testing.
  • The link with care is a critical part of & # 39; of & # 39 program; effective testing.
  • normalization of HBV, HCV and HIV testing in health care settings all; and
  • Perpetrators testing for HIV, HBV and / or HCV should receive appropriate training and education.
  • Effective Strategy & # 39; national testing, including frame & # 39; monitoring and evaluation, it is critical to respond to infections & # 39; HBV, HCV and HIV.

Success to increase the absorption of & # 39; testing should contribute significantly to the elimination of & # 39; HIV and the fight against viral hepatitis as a threat to public health by 2030 as outlined in the Millennium Development Goals & # 39; Sustainable Development.

The guide & # 39; ECDC describe to whom, where, how and when to test viral hepatitis and HIV and offers options for strategies & # 39; testing are applicable to health care settings and beyond (eg. Due to higher risk of & # 39; infection, groups & # 39; suitable population for targeted testing & # 39; HBV, HCV and / or HIV include, among others, men who have sex with & # 39; men, homeless, sex workers of people, people who inject drugs, pregnant women or patients & # 39; hemodialysis. Examples of & # 39; best practice Guide settings provide approaches to primary health care, hospitals, STI clinics, pharmacies, prisons and into community settings, including services & # 39; & # 39 reduction, drugs and harmful.

integrated testing: health benefits and "synergies at times & # 39; resource constraints"

"If we maximize the benefits of treatment for HIV or viral hepatitis, it is critical that the test and diagnosis of people stopped as soon as & # 39; possible during infection. This is & # 39; a challenge, because all three infections can usually be asymptomatic for years. According to estimates & # 39; ECDC, currently takes an average of & # 39; three years of infection & # 39; HIV by the diagnosis. That is way too long ", noted Director & # 39; ECDC Andrea Ammon. "Our new guide for testing offers a range of & # 39; choices based for designing evidence & # 39; of & # 39; national or local testing interventions in different sectors and populations in & # 39; risk. one of the key elements is to diversify and integrate testing services as it allows synergies in times & # 39; resource constraints. "

Early diagnosis and linkage to care bring good benefits to individual health and public health: effective treatment & # 39; HIV or & # 39; to eliminate or suppress viral hepatitis viruses with & # 39; significantly and this means that treatment interruptions existing transmission chains and prevent further infections.

However, many people living with HIV or hepatitis B or C patients in the EU / EEA are unaware of their infection and therefore do not receive treatment.

Vytenis Andriukaitis, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Said: "Advances in antiretroviral therapy have changed the nature of the HIV epidemic in Europe – HIV m & # 39; longer a deadly disease For people who have been diagnosed early and received effective treatment, HIV has become a chronic condition. the progress in the intensive testing efforts in & # 39; the last ten years, estimates show that one in seven & # 39; of those living with HIV in the EU / EEA is not yet certified. must also intensify our efforts in testing for hepatitis B and C, estimated disease affects 9 million people in the EU. We have to address these three diseases together, if we reach our goal Sustainable Development. European Commission are strong supporters of the European Testing week. "

The European Testing Week begins today with & # 39; more than 700 organizations across Europe and Central Asia to promote dialogue among those who may benefit from examination and offering tests – because early diagnosis of HIV and viral hepatitis is & # 39; benefit for everyone.

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