Thursday , June 30 2022

Elon Musk roasted by NASA for smoking weed live online


The Administrator of NASA Jim Bridenstine told reporters on Thursday that smoking & # 39; Elon Musk live on the internet "with inspiration in confidence," the Atlantic reports.

The SpaceX company & # 39; Musk is subject to safety review of NASA after cannabis spread on the podcast & # 39; "Joe Rogan Experience" livestreamed f & # 39; September.

Now Bridenstine commented publicly about the incident for the first time. He said meeting & # 39; reporters: "I will tell you that it was not & # 39; help, and did not trust, and leaders & # 39; these organizations need to take this as an example & # 39; x & # 39; you do when you run organization will launch American astronauts. "

Bridenstine said he personally ordered the security review at SpaceX and Boeing suppliers, which was first revealed by The Washington Post. But he emphasized that he wanted to review their corporate culture before Musk smoked weeds.

His decision was influenced by tragedies in the history of NASA, including the fire & # 39; Apollo 1 in 1967, which killed three astronauts during a test on the ground and two Shuttle Space disasters in 1986 and in 2003.

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Bridenstine said that question always come up is whether the culture in ikkontribwietx NASA for those incidents. "X & # 39; was our contractors culture, and there were people who put a red flag that semenjew, and ultimately this culture contributes to the fault, f & # 39; those cases, a disaster? " he said.

Koren Marina & # 39; Atlantic Bridenstine asked if smoking & # 39; Weeds live online was a red flag. "I think that those were not & # 39; help," he replied.

Bridenstine also said he had "a number of & # 39; conversations' with & # 39; Musk about his behavior. "I will tell you, he committed himself to safety as anyone, and he understands that it was not appropriate behavior, and will not be viewed other again & # 39;", continued.

Business Insider contact SpaceX and NASA for comment.

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