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Episode 8 – Adventure of Hunger & # 39; JoJo Golden Wind


As expected, Golden Wind had the backstory of & # 39; Guido Mista waiting in the wings for us, like history & # 39; Abbacchio a few weeks ago. Young Mista looked the same as the phase & # 39; Phoenix Wright, and lived without career life (while always showing his shirt b & # 39; prominent way to show his ass) to exhausting up day sexual assault, and a series of & # 39; blank shots from assailants tilfuh. He took it as an act of fate, killed men, and joined the same road & # 39; noble crime like the rest of & # 39; our hero. While I do not think that this flashback bears the same sympathy as Abbacchio & # 39; s, I'm surprised by virtue of & # 39; as the show addresses the members of the New gang. When introduced for the first time, a feeling which may also be nobodies, but now it is clear that the objectives and their personalities were much better defined than I was willing to give them credit.

We are working on Part Two & # 39; the bizarre Adventure & # 39; Mista, as we encourage the partner & # 39; Mario Zucchero, Sales. The episode is quite the film speed, the action takes place on the top & # 39; truck leaves mountains & # 39; winding, complete with & # 39; aggravated driver can not catch a break or heroes or our villain. Stand is Kraft Sales Work, and its ability to freeze objects in it & # 39; breath, so the hands & # 39; the opponent can & # 39; stick & # 39; item, or bullet can & # 39; be caught in the air. There is something amusing about the immediacy that gunplay is deprived of someone gently tap bala suspended while monologa about his nemesis eventually will soar.

With backstory of & # 39; Mista now covered, makes thematic sense because the Sex Pistols skip the Number 4 due to bad luck. I mentioned that to a person & # 39; only once, but Mista is defined everything about the chance and fortunate. A series of huge & # 39; & # 39 suspense; this episode comes from that superstition, with the darker hours when it comes four & # 39; shots left in his revolver. If you think b & # 39; logical way, then of course you think that meant it was four better than three, but the show stops and says, "But four is bad news." Do you have any kind & # 39; simply have to send it.

Comparison of Speed ​​really show my imagination about JoJo & # 39; s going to take the direct stream (sakrilege, I know), especially now that the cast of the series consists of more proportionate adult males. I just love the melodrama to get midmata the same elements that can & # 39; & # 39 in view, some movie & # 39; action. Nothing in Hollywood is so strange or so exciting. I was kicking b & # 39; glee when Mista finally have that shooting the end and pushing more bala already filed in mind Sales. There is that moment & # 39; suspense when you're just awaiting the bad guy falls & # 39; off his feet and dies. it is the stop it really shows me on any specific oddities for animation.

S & # 39; now it seems as if I'm just going to like everything & # 39; Golden Wind. The emotions were astonishingly reliable, and even aspects that I had ready to clean, like many of the group Passione, really going. There are still some incoherent nonsense to solve and understand, but everything was so punchy and fun that I'm definitely still going to walk. Perhaps all these episodes & # 39; fight will blur together as we move closer to the season, but & # 39; now I'm blast.

Rating: A

Adventure Extended & # 39; JoJo: Golden Wind currently solved

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