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Fans start petition b & # 39; support for P.E.I. radio host fired | local | News

Charlottetown, P.E.I. – The shooting & # 39; Radio ħabbira led to an online petition signed by more than 2,500 listener.

Joee Adams was shot by rock rock radio station Q93 Charlottetown based on 18 & # 39; & # 39 January following four; years as the host of the radio in the morning.

Having announced his departure in & # 39; Facebook post, began circulating a petition online to get Adams & # 39; back on the station of the Maritime Broadcasting System.

"I do not ask people to start a petition, but it's a nice thing to have," said Adams. "The amount of & # 39; people that have reached me, m & # 39; I have no words, and coming from a guy who speaks for a living."

The manager of the station Q93 Rick MacLeod said he could not comment on the end of & # 39; Adams because it was confidential.

Adams said he was fired because some of the things he said on the air can be regarded as "inappropriate".

He said he had been warned several times MBS during his tenure, including two months ago.

"It is justifiable to an end," said Adams. "At the end of the day, they did what they felt was best for them, for their frequency and their radio station, and I must admit that there were many times I have been sent by the superiors content of my exhibition. "

Adams said it was a segment on Monday, 14 January may have been the last straw.

The segment was one s called "The Day Q", which Adams was asked a question and listeners will respond on the Facebook page of the station.

On that day, the question was about things that people m & # 39; shall not make public.

Adams said he mentioned some examples from listeners as "shaving your private parts in & # 39; PTA meeting" and "watching porn inside the library."

"Some people, I imagine, have found that perhaps inappropriate content," said Adams. "It was meant to be a fun thing was meant to be taken as Satir."

Adams said he never meant to be offensive.

"I never took care to make someone dedicated to offend, I was trying to entertain," said Adams. "The reason you chose to say and say things I did was because I felt it was always in the best interest of the station and the listener benefits. "

The listeners & # 39; Adams took to social media and commented on the petition to express their feelings about his departure from the radio station.

"Joee fun filled my time on my way to work and made me laugh and made re-local radio again" Derrick Farrar wrote in the comments section of the petition.

Samantha Squires said she signed the petition because people should cease to be achieved easily.

"I sign off this trend because" I am offended "requires dies," wrote. "He speaks the same way most people talk with their friends."

By the morning of 21 January, the online petition gained more than 2,600 signatures.

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