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"Friends Friends" of & # 39; Instagram: S & # 39; is and How to Use it


there were time when social media was just to share & # 39; things with your friends. Then I started to look the flames from your old secondary school, and you're adding them to keep tabs on who has employed or had a baby. Your parents have taken on social media, and then add them had. Then your boss sent a request & # 39; friend, and Rudo is to reject, no? Eventually, social media began to look less as part among our closest confident and more like a digital rolodex of & # 39; kibtilkom everyone who has ever – or even, increasingly, people who had never met.

In the era & # 39; Instagram, this proved to be placed in & # 39; protected things. You & # 39; sharing the details of your life, but only to the extent you are comfortable with & # 39; coworker, or relative, ex-lover, or a stranger to see. And as a result, social media has become much less "easy". Even the language has changed; the line between "friend" and "followers" is deliberately blurred.

Today, hopes to get Instagram & # 39; introduce some of that intimacy. The app owned & # 39; Facebook is opening a new feature called "Close Friends", which allows users to create a separate list of & # 39; followers to give special permits & # 39; display. When sending a story to Instagram, users can differentiate between posting for everyone and send their group & # 39; Friends of the close.

Instagram began testing feature on years ago, and started with a small group & # 39; global users. The company noted that users wanted more control over their audiences; during beta testing, found that users wanted to limit their audience in more stories than in their prime locations. The resulting message feature works almost as & # 39; group to share personal details – a new relationship, frustration at work – that people may not be eager to share with their entire audience.

As the platform has grown – more than 400 million people have questioned the stories a day, according to users & # 39; Instagram sought to practice the size of their audiences with & # 39; more provisional methods. Some rely on the tool & # 39; messages & # 39; Instagram locations to send small groups & # 39; friends. Others use secondary accounts, or "finstagrams", to reveal different or more intimate part of & # 39; lives a more limited audience. The new feature closed some of that flexibility in the main bill, which allows users to create infinitely adjustable list & # 39; Friends of the close.

Once your application Instagram is updated to the latest version and includes the new feature, tapta profile in the side menu, then select Close Friends. The list can treat & # 39; changed at any time, and you & # 39; to see who is on your list.

Story When put on your list & # 39; Friends of the close, they will see a green circle around a photo of your profile in the tray & # 39; Stories. The stories posted to all followers will still appear with & # 39; pink ring. Instagram says it gives users "plausible complaint" about who is on the list: Anyone can & # 39; to see a green circle as did the cutting, or simply because they never publish ending Stories friends.

For millions & # 39; users & # 39; Instagram, Close Friends can make more manageable platform. Or you & # 39; introducing new and complex social dynamics, like version of the Next Generation & # 39; MySpace Top 8. Instagram, for its part, hopes to give users a new way to share and, b & # 39; some luck, reason for users to share even more.

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