Thursday , August 5 2021

"Frostbite in minutes": Environment Canada warns that affect the wind hitting -40

Too cold.

Still very cold, very.

Early Monday morning Environment Canada still had extreme cold warning in effect for the Ottawa area.

B & # 39; & # 39 already temperatures, below -20 C, the wind cooling can & # 39; bring one all the way to -40.

And b & # 39; in some way even & # 39; this deep freeze, the snow remains & # 39; rotated. The flurries have, hopefully, reduce until later afternoon.

The higher the level will end today only 177 C – that is below the average low (-15.7 C) for this time of year.

When talking about the shortcomings, the temperature will drop to -27 C tonight, with wind cooling dialing that down to -36.

The bitter cold start slow speed Tuesday.

Height Tomorrow is expected to be -12 C and finally see a little sunshine.

The low Tuesday will not be very different, and only goes to -13 degrees C. The snow periods are expected later in the day as well as some accumulation.

Wednesday is a good kind of day announcement of bad news since the height can strike almost 0 C rain but warmer weather is a possibility of significant snow.

More snow!

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Continue & # 39; back, you will get & # 39; requires that the palm.

The low Wednesday will be near -7 C.

Thursday should see a high level & # 39; -4 C and low & # 39; -11 C. Currently, the forecast is for more snow.

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