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Group & # 39; kids who barely took Rainbow Six chair competing in his final tournament


Group & # 39; students in Norway thought to umorru to sign to compete Rainbow Six Seat, A game that barely played, f & # 39; one of the largest seasonal sporting events, DreamHack Winter 2019. The stunt worked: Due to lack of & # 39; registrations for the event, Minigolfgutta ( "golf boys mine") will now compete against some of the veterans teams played at the main stage in the LAN & # 39; this week.

Member – EmilBerglund team posted about – unexpected events & # 39; the – the events – Internet Rainbow Six Seat subreddit earlier in the week, explaining that he and his members attend 'folk high school ", the Norwegian equivalent of & # 39; community college, the trip & # 39; DreamHack next class was for a & # 39; in this week & # 39; Jönköping, Sweden. While he and his classmates usually compete in them Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, That portion of & # 39; the event is invite only. Rainbow Six Seat, However, were open qualifications.

"So we sign an and think about it," he wrote EmilBerglund. "Do you think we will get trashed in the first game anyways."

"However, today" our master "got a call from one of the persons in charge of tournaments, and apparently will not be qualified because few teams come", he said. "He then told us that we must continue nkompetu in pro tournament at the stage instead. So now we have 5 boys who barely played R6S waiting to see if we face G2, Liquid or any of ten other pro teams in the tournament. "

His team has been painted in Group C. While it is less competitive than Group A, host 2018 champions PENTA Sports Invitational, Minigolfgutta lost the first game against the SSG without scoring a single point. An underdog story jesports in which it is not, but seeing scrubs get hosed alone can prove to be fun, and a nice reminder that, yes, to be pro team does not mean anything.

DreamHack will be home to a series of & # 39; other tournaments except CS: GO and Rainbow Six, including Dragon Ball FighterZ and Super Smash Bros. melee, Schedules and live streams for which you & # 39; find it on the website of the event.

TekkenThe World Championship is ongoing. Byung-moon "Qudans" Son will return to defend his title from last year, although not as the top contender, under the current rankings. That honor goes to Jae Min "knee" BAE, which ended 2018 with & # 39; high speed thanks to the first finishes at & # 39; most of the biggest tournaments & # 39; this year. That tournament will being conducted on the official Tekken Twitch.

Finally, there is $ 10,000 artifact tournament going in & # 39; Kiev, Ukraine during the weekend and on the following Tuesday featuring talent such LifeCoach and MegaMogwai. Now that the collectible card game & # 39; Valve is out and the players are buying and selling cards in the steam market, it would be interesting to see how the results affect the building popularity various -gverta and, as a result, individual ticket prices. The whole thing will be streaming WePlayTV.

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