Wednesday , December 8 2021

Hamilton sends a message to Rossi after the test & # 39; Jerez Superbike


Lewis Hamilton confirmed his love for motor racing after the last track test weekend in & # 39; Jerez where F1 test driver Yamaha Super Bike machine.

Done at & # 39; black leather and riding a & # 39; Yamaha YZF-R1, Hamilton enjoyed an outing with & # 39; riders & # 39; World Superbike Alex Lowes and Michael van der Mark at an event set by Yamaha and the British supplier of track No Limits.

While Hamilton suffered no konsekwenti spread during the test, the Mercedes driver thoroughly enjoyed his experience and his thoughts on distributed social media on Monday morning.

"Good good! Encourage feel good today", wrote five of the F1 world championships.

"Miss the superbike riding already. FYI I've always loved two more wheels than four.

"I always wanted a motorcycle since girls account but I say. My Dad got & # 39; kart. But the current is moving new love in my way.

"I have the highest respect and respect for these motorcycle riders," he added.

"This is a very different discipline, however, require some of the same basic things like the time, the patience, the fearlessness, attention, agility and risk-taking – all make sport exciting.

"And yes, I & # 39; d love to race bikes. But these guys are on another level so I think I'll enjoy riding and testing the limits on track."

The boss & # 39; x Mercedes Toto Wolff & # 39; probably getting left & # 39; relief having read the last sentence of the message & # 39; Hamilton.

The Brit ended a few words to the legend & # 39; MotoGP Valentino Rossi, said it was necessary to visit the Italian at his ranch in motocross & # 39; Tavullia, Italy.

"Valentino Rossi I need to reach the granċa", he said.

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