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Hochelaga-Maisonneuve Robbery suspect killed after fleeing with cash, police said


Sospettur of & # 39; theft was killed during an altercation with & # 39; three citizens ceased to escape from the & # 39; hurdle scene, the police & # 39; Montreal said Wednesday.

The victim & # 39; 34 is the suspect in & # 39; & # 39 theft; store & # 39; convenience borough & # 39; Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Const. Raphaël Bergeron said. His death is being treated as a homicide.

The man was escaping with cash when three men waqfuh Tuesday evening, he said.

The uncle of & # 39; suspect & # 39; theft, Martin Monette, identified him as Jaeson Perron.

Perron has an extensive criminal record dating back to 2004, including payments & # 39; theft and breaking and entry.

The police initially described the incident as an armed robbery, but Bergeron said investigators are still working to determine if the man had a weapon when asked for money.

The police arrived on the scene after a 911 call reported fighting on Nicolet Street near Ontario Street East at 8: 45 p.m.

The store & # 39; convenience where the armed robbery he allegedly made on Nicolet Street in & # 39; Montreal. (Lauren McCallum / CBC)

When officers arrived, found a group & # 39; people to restrain the man in & # 39; stack. The man was unconscious, said Bergeron.

He was transported to hospital in & # 39; a critical condition, where he died later from his injuries.

The police say that the exact nature of the victim's injuries are yet to be determined, but it appears that no weapon was used. Autopsy will be performed.

The three men, a & # 39; 37, 48 and 78 years, are now considered as "important evidence", said Bergeron.

They were questioned by investigators and released Wednesday afternoon free.

The police will determine whether one or all three will become suspects in the case after being asked.

"It is considered a homicide because of the circumstances of the event", said Bergeron, who recommends that people call the police rather than intervene in & # 39; such cases.

This is the 28th homicide of 2018. town. There were 24 in all of 2017.

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