Thursday , October 6 2022

How can lose their millions


It seems that the only thing tougher than rise & # 39; onto, is fighting to stay & # 39; there. For two financial Titan rushed on their way to fame, now it's time to tackle the infamous. Carlos Ghosn, the CEO & # 39; three companies led cyclical streets & # 39; the car handling, has been suffering from Japanese jail for 64 days. His tired face, his visibly lighter frame, Ghosn now maintains that never can & # 39; account – to transfer the assets and his freedom of movement – just to pass the pace prison now. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos, the founder & # 39; the Amazon saw the top of & # 39; most wealthy man in the world list for years not only on the top to give that title to his former wife but will soon be facing a crisis of confidence – which by its investors.

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