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How do the stories of & # 39; Your Instagram Visible only & # 39; Friends Friends & # 39;


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Instagram is one of those platforms, like Twitter, I always thought I post content to be visible to the masses. Yes, we both have a choice "private" to the accounts, but I always thought that in both value was f & # 39; interaction & # 39; Your people outside the circle.

And then I started using Instagram stories. While I have no problem with & # 39; strangers to comment on and look at the pics & # 39; Instagram with my carefully selected, my stories tend to be a bit more personal. Instagram this week issued a new feature so you can & # 39; keep personal ones, while maintaining your account (and stories to choose) public.

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Called Friends Near feature allows you to choose whether to break an image with the masses or people on the list & # 39; to increase the fine when your close friends & # 39; history. No one knows whether it made the cut to the list & # 39; "Your close friends" or not, so you can & # 39; choose whoever you want to be included.

To use it, first (obviously) have to create a list of & # 39; close friends.

Do this by tapping the icon of your profile within the Instagram app and then ittektek hamburger icon at the top & # 39; at the top of the page. From there, select "List of Friends Close" from the drop-down menu. You & # 39; manually add people by clicking on the button "Add" next to their name, you & # 39; also hit "Suggestions" to make things a bit easier (Instagram terġat people acting with & # 39; often on the platform).

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Once you have taken the list, you'll start to see the icon "Friends of Close" when creating history & # 39; Instagram. Tikkuntattjaha, and history is sent to your friends only.

That's what.

Of & # 39; noted: The stories "Near Friends" are nominated & # 39; green circle around instead of red. So, while not know that you specifically on the list & # 39; friend "Friends Near ''ll know history are tarajt sent only to close friends (so you can & # 39; insemmek on a list of & # 39; someone fairly quickly).

Also, a & # 39; noted: The image divided into stories "Friends of Near" can not be broken out & # 39; anywhere else, so do not have to worry about your cover blown by a close friend sharing your -pic on their stream.

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