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How you age, really? It turns out that each of us can & # 39; have two ages – National


If you're someone who feels younger than the age listed on your driver's license, new research suggests that you & # 39; not only in your head.

According to a recent report by CNN, experts at the Medical School & # 39; Yale say that humans have two ages: chronological age, your age based on when he was born, and phenotypic or biological age, which is age it works your body.

In other words, you & # 39; & # 39 be; 80 years but has health & # 39; 65.

"In my lab, we work on many different types of & # 39; aging measures", said the professor and researcher at Yale Levine Morgan & # 39; Nicn. "One of the most recent is based on blood measures have in the appointment of your normal doctor. We basically take those and link them using the & # 39; different algorithms to achieve what we call age phenotypic of & # 39; someone, or biological age. "

Levine explained that such testing reveals how your body compared to average levels & # 39; health or strength to your age.

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"People & # 39; the same chronological age are not all at the same risk for developing & # 39; cardiovascular disease or cancer or even death," said Levine. "What [the biological age] in fact, give us a better idea & # 39; where someone is their age. "

Dr. Michelle Silver, assistant professor at the University & # 39; Toronto and author of & # 39; Retirement and its iskuntenti: Why we will not stop working, even if we, Agrees that people can & # 39; a biological age ranging from their real age.

"In adulthood, the chronological age is really good to predict your next date and some issues & # 39; health", told Global News. "But there is great variability across adult, especially when it comes to physical and functional capacities.

"In my work, I saw the retired Olympic athletes in the seventies to the dexterity and the ability to move is more of & # 39; 20 and others who stopped exercising completely leaving the podium, so 50 their biological age x & # 39; probably was much closer to 80 years. "

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As you & # 39; determine your biological age?

The researchers from Yale have identified "nine & # 39; & # 39 biomarkers taken in a simple blood test that seemed the most influential life", reported CNN. These include blood sugar, kidney disease and liver, and immune and inflammatory measures.

The team then enters the data & # 39; & # 39 in person, computer and algorithm determines their biological age. Levine said that people with biological age lower their actual age at risk of & # 39; lower mortality, while people who are old biological age in & # 39; increased risk for problems & # 39; health and diseases develop.

In addition to the physical risks, Silver said if the biological age & # 39; someone is greater than their actual age, you & # 39; affecting their mental well being.

"Can & # 39; also means that they do not move well or look as good as their peers", explained. "So [if] their physical abilities are less than the best, psychologically can feel as if they are less able, which can lead to spiral & # 39; & # 39 ;. down "

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What affect how you age?

So if the key to living longer is lower biological age, what factors affect your ability to hold onto youth?

Silver said factors such as genetics, the environment in which you live, the style of your life, diet and exercise habits all play a role in age. She stressed that stress also affects aging, whereas chronic stress can & # 39; lead to increased risk of & # 39; diseases and issues & # 39; mental health.

"To be physically active and socially engaged at later stages in life can & # 39; affect how we age," Silver added.

How to "slow down" aging

The good thing about biological age is that often you & # 39; changed.

"The style definitely plays a role in aging" said Silver. "Factors such as what you eat and how often runs on & # 39; or even daily basis & # 39; & # 39 hour in, a stage of life course."

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Silver acknowledged that the older we deliver, can & # 39; to be more movement & # 39; challenge. However, she said that people should create opportunities to be physically active as far as possible.

"For most of us, sitting in & # 39; description for most & # 39; adults is not good for the & # 39; maturation process," she said.

And while the physical movement is a major commitment, mental and social well help reduce body posture. Silver said that seeing others and maintain relationships is important, as longer & # 39; up by reading or listening & # 39; news helps you keep equal.

"Tip of & # 39; one starter binding [my advice] plus you book public library, walk to the library (try not tagħżelx the eqrebek), get some books, read, repeat ", she said.

"Maybe join & # 39; book club, too."

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