Tuesday , March 21 2023

"I just could not believe it:" Man sparah several times on Hamilton Mountain


The police & # 39; Hamilton is appealing for witnesses or videos & # 39; surveillance after man & # 39; 31 years was staged in & # 39; south on Mountain Road.

Marko (Mark) Bakir, has suffered many injuries in the gun found on the floor in front of his home in Clifton Downs Road from a neighbor before 9:00 p.m. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

F & # 39; press conference road at the beginning of the week, the Sergeant Steve Detettiv Bereziuk said the motive for shooting remains & # 39; under investigation.

"But I believe that it was targeted incident", he said. "Do not believe anyone (in the neighborhood) has something else to fear & # 39 ;."

Police closed the road and taped off several houses between Bonaventure and Colgate Court Drive, a residential area just south of the Linc and near William McCullogh Park.

Bereziuk said investigators spent the whole night in the neighborhood and the neighbors agreed and expected to continue to seek witness accounts and video footage during most of Friday.

"We are appealing to the public for help," he said. "Right now m & # 39; We should suspect, not għandnux suspect description and do not know how many people were involved."

Bereziuk said the victim was previously known by the police but "was not involved with the police for some time." He refused to describe the interaction of the past, but added that it was viewed "as a concern".

Neighbors expressed shock over the shooting in & # 39; area is usually quiet. They said that the victim was a new road and moved in last month.

Bereziuk declined to say how many times the victim was hit because of the ongoing investigation.

But residents nearby Lori Brierley told the Inspector sky & # 39; three little heavy bangs before 9:00 p.m. "I wondered at the time, & # 39; can be those shots? & # 39; nemmenha But I did not," she said.

Brierley said that advised no further disruption before shooting – and only later realized what happened after emergency responders converged on the neighborhood.

Brierley and other neighborhood residents, Paul Pedeneault, said Bakir had just made the home & # 39; two floors last month.

Pedeneault Bakir said he saw no & # 39; two dogs, but other ravax family home. "Everybody is quite surprised. With this type of rajnax & # 39; thing here (in the neighborhood)", he said.

This is the seventh & # 39; murder & # 39; 2018 Hamilton.

Police investigated two other shootouts this year about one kilometer & # 39; away at & # 39; commercial plaza place on Limeridge Road West, including target shooting two people in & # 39; vehicle recently to September.

Bereziuk said he did not commit murder 'with & # 39; any other event "based on the evidence & # 39; now.

The police are asking witnesses or videos & # 39; surveillance. If you have any police & # 39; ask information ask the Ditektore Richard Wouters at 905-546-4921.

To provide information at & # 39; anonymous way, have called Crime Demolition at 1-800-222-8477 or send your anonymous online counseling.

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