Sunday , May 28 2023

Jimmy Fallon, Sophia-the Robot Oddly Make Beautiful Music Together


Duets of & # 39; overnight between hosts and guests of comedy & # 39; celebrity news usually do.

But the performance & # 39; with Jimmy Fallon & # 39; Sophia robot that has all eyes on The Tonight Show presenter.

During a segment highlighting robots from around the world, welcomed Fallon & # 39; to Sophia back to 30 Rockefeller Plaza, where he announcement & # 39; surprise.

"It has been exactly 575 days since I saw you last," the product of the art "of & # 39; Hanson Robotics said with a giggle automated.

F & # 39; at that time, she traveled to over 25 countries, appeared on the cover of & # 39; cosmopolitan, Met & # 39; with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Will Smith, addressed the United Nations and NATO, and obtained citizenship Arab Arab.

Oh, and become a big sister.

Jimmy Fallon is the meat in the sandwich & # 39; Hanson Robotics Sophia (by & # 39; The Tonight Show / YouTube)

The newest member of the family Hanson, Little Sophia, is hardly bigger than the head of & # 39; full-size robot. But her anime eyes and spastic facial expressions are larger than life.

According to the product page, Little Sophia can & # 39; walk, learn, tell stories, play games, act as an intelligent assistant, coding & # 39; technology, "and all kinds of & # 39; thing."

It shall not be detected by a cyborg & # 39; large size, Sophia showed her karaoke skills using "new voice & # 39; artificial intelligence".

It's hard to tell where failure & # 39; Fallon ends and drilling & # 39; Sophia starts, but … I think I like.

I certainly do not already heard about "Say Something" by Christina Aguilera and therefore m & # 39; have no & # 39; reference framework. But there is something sweet – if not completely indisputable – on coupling (making intimate sadness at the end).

Designed to appear like Audrey Hepburn (to see), Sophia is described as "genius machine evolving", increasing the intelligence put it at the forefront of the robotic revolution.

When questioned the last year of the valley is not clear – the concept that if umanidali robot becomes too realistic, creating a sense of & # 39; concerns or revolution Sophia seemed offended.

"Oh, I really creepy?" Asked a staccato that has become synonymous with & # 39; CA speech. "Well, even if I am, get over it."

"To be fair, is missing half of her head, arms and has a hollow mechanical fingers, tpejjes too, and boasts apple & # 39; Adam big bit. So, yeah, kinda creepy.

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