Wednesday , March 22 2023

Karan Johar: We encourage crossover movements such as 2.0


Karan Johar at 2.0, and other baahubali Crossovers
Karan Johar credit the southern filmmakers to encourage the movement of & # 39; crossover. (Photo: Facebook / Karan Johar)

The producer Karan Johar, who will present the following 2.0 to the audience speaking Hindi, said the crossover in Indian cinema has to happen internally. During a press conference on Saturday, Karan said he is pleased that collaborated on 2.0 Baahubali, he was also presented, but can not claim the credit for vision, creativity and execution & # 39; these two films.

When asked whether the success & # 39; Baahubali and 2.0 paves the way for more pan-India films, the producer said, "Sharing cinema has to happen internally in India. We keep contacts on crossover and our films go & # 39; outside the country but the true crossover is like Baahubali. it is a film made in & # 39; Telugu worked very well in the North, West and East, everywhere. "

"2.0 has that vision & # 39; work in the country. We must encourage those movements & # 39; crossover. Films in all languages, whether it is Marathi, Bengali, the Tamil , the Telugu or Malayalam, must work all (country). This is true true. This is a phenomenon of & # 39; movement & # 39; ċensimentali crossover needs to be encouraged and managed, "he says.

The producer Ae Dil Hai Mushkil agrees that southern cinema is first in Bollywood & # 39; & # 39 terms, budget and technology. Karan credit the southern filmmakers to encourage the movement of & # 39; crossover and believes that this should also occur in the Hindi cinema.

"The southern industry was a pioneer & # 39; this movement & # 39; narrative meeting and technology for decades & # 39; like years. They get stories, emotions, the scale and technology on them. Some of us remain stuck with & # 39; chap and we do not nibqgħux from that root. We believe that we are in & # 39; a safe place, m & # 39; aħniex. They taught us, and f & # 39; many ways made us feel inferior b & # 39; good way. I say that with & # 39; positivity tħeġġeġna to do a lot better ", he said.

"We have a few very big films, Sanjay Leela Bhansali principally, that gave us a nice glasses & # 39; cinema. Now you will see a lot of them, thanks to the southern industry."

2.0 The Director S Shankar told him the iskrittus comes first and then technology. "Whatever the technology, writing & # 39; demands are I use it. I go with the script. For 2.0, new technology is used. In the film, we have cell human, huge birds , and it took a lot of time to decide ", he added.

Karan is confident to 2.0, characterized by Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson, will be pleased to cinema audiences. The film releases on 29 & # 39; in November.

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