Thursday , August 5 2021

Kendall Jenner jokingly boos Tristan Thompson during the game of basketball | News & # 39; celebrity

Kendall Jenner Tristan Thompson booed during a game of basketball on Friday (11:23:18).

The model & # 39; 23 years was spettat b & # 39; tiny way but Tristan, 27 – who is the boyfriend & # 39; Khloe Kardashian and her daughter father & # 39; seven & # 39; True months – during the game & # 39; Cleveland Cavaliers against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Kendall was sat at the side of the court for the game and could & # 39; was shown by the hand to boo since Tristan was taking a throw b & # 39; nothing.

However, the duo & # 39; profile also crossed the warm bar on the court, and showed that there were no hard feelings.

During the game, Kendall also seen cheering for Ben Simmons, the Australian star for the 76ers was linked by & # 39; her romantic way.

Meanwhile, half sister Khloe, Kendall – recently recovered after criticism from fans after skipped Thanksgiving with her family.

The star of reality & # 39; & # 34 spent 39; holiday in the & # 39; Cleveland, Ohio, with Tristan True and their daughter, while her family celebrated in Los Angeles, but denied that Khloe is feuding with her loved ones.

She wrote on Twitter: "You are arriving now. I've spent the last three years in Cleveland for Thanksgiving. Not sure why people are trying to create drama between my family and I. My men and I are perfectly fine thank you all their families could travel but TT was in season, can not.

"The truth is just as much fun as some history & # 39; some of you that want to create. So here we succeed! I abide lol (sic)."

There was tension between family & # 39; Khloe and star & # 39; the NBA since he was accused of was infidux few days before their daughter was born in & # 39; April.

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