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Kevin Feige’s Widow Black Secrets Revealed on Marvel’s Twitter

Kevin Feige at a Black Widow event in Hollywood last month.

Kevin Feige fi Black Widow an event in Hollywood last month.
Photo: Amy Sussman (Getty Images)

Not every day Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige he just comes out and shares the secrets of his company. But that happened Monday evening while Black Widow watch feast which took place on Twitter. Feige stayed online and recounted events, shouted, and answered questions from fans about the film.issues that open up to tons of speculation about what might be next for the film’s characters.

For the entire wall, click on any of the tweets below and expand them out. But here are some of the best—U the most cryptic—tweets from Cowardly. The first has to do with the question of whether Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) brushes away from her Thanos during Infinity War. (Don’t forget Black Widow occurs before the event.)

“You areI know, but not on this Twitter thread. “Damn, Kevin, how are you going to drop us like that? To speculate, since Yelena is likely to appear next on Hawkeye television program (because Black Widowend credits scene), one imagines that her story of Thanos somehow plays into that. Or, maybe not.

When talking about Yelena, one of Black WidowThe sweet connections are Natasha’s retkon wearing the dress that Yelena gave her Black Widow fi Infinity War. Feige revealed the idea that the link was established early.

One of the best lines through Black Widow is the spread of Red Guardian (David Harbor). He talks about all his shows with Captain America and how it was a great thing that Russia’s hero fights U.S. heroes We haven’t seen but, Kevin Feige agreed that he likes the idea of the new Captain America, played by Anthony Mackie, which appears with the Guardian.

But, Sam Wilson doesn’t become Captain America soon after Black Widow. And it wasn’t Steve Rogers on the ice from the 40s to 2000ss? Feige rightly makes a point of this …

Which makes you think, who was fighting Red Guardian? Was he fighting someone? Well, think only a few months back The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Isaiah Bradley was fighting as an American-sanctioned supersoldier over some years he was talking about Guardian. In addition, its existence suggests that there may have been other soldiers experienced on them. It seems like this is a story we will take a lot more into in the future.

In closing, Feige addressed the sequence of credits at the end of the film. Julia Louis Dreyfus as Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. This was supposed to be her debut as the character but, because of the pandemic, its appearance on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier came first. Despite this, Feige shouted that she would come back, and even jokes about connecting with her Loki.

That’s just a classic Feige: drop some kind of weird connection that means nothing and let the fans speculate on it for hours! Again, to see more from Feige regarding Wido Blackw, click on any of the above tweets and expand them out. He was online for bothplus hours of Black Widowruntime, then there are a lot of fun nuggets.

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