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Last: The parade fans join in bitter cold.


NEW YORK – Last of the Macy's Parade & # 39; s Thanksgiving Day (all local times):

5:30 p.m.

Macy & # 39; s is apologize to "technical difficulties" after supporters watching the Parade of Thanksgiving Day ripped singer Rita Ora for what they see as awkward lip-syncing.

The British singer appeared without synchronization with voices that semaw viewers during parts of the television performance & # 39; "Let Me Love You." The episode sparked online commentary.

Macy & # 39; s later apologized Thursday to improve "many & # 39; recording artists had technical difficulties had a negative impact on their performance".

Ora tweeted thanks to Macy & # 39; s for "honesty."

F & # 39; another time received attention, performance by musical & # 39; Broadway "The Prom" included a kiss between two female cast members. The producer told Entertainment Weekly that it was "the first LGBTQ kiss" of the parade.

Representatives for Macy's and NBCUniversal broadcaster did not respond immediately to inquiries.

3:45 p.m.

The balls remained lower than usual, the artists brought with them, and the crowd wore blankets and sleeping bags, but has not been frozen cold blustery enthusiasm in Macy & # 39; s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The giant balloons & # 39; Charlie Brown, Sponge Bob and other beloved characters have been approved to buy just before the parade began among some cold temperatures in its history. The event comes to 1924.

Temperatures were about 21 degrees (-6 Celsius) and characterized by a bitter wind.

There was concern that winds prompting officials to sell large balls & # 39; helium, but in ultimately given flight. Some, though, remained just a few feet & # 39; above their managers.

Last of & # 39; people see them pleased the layers and blankets to watch the balloons, the marching bands and floats appearing balls artists such as Diana Ross, John Legend and Martina McBride.

11:50 a.m.

The balls and the balls are stripes overcome the blustery cold to make their way to Manhattan for Thanksgiving Day Parade of & # 39; Macy & # 39; s.

The giant balloons & # 39; Charlie Brown, Sponge Bob and others have been approved to buy just before the parade started with & # 39; some cold temperatures in the history of the event.

21 degrees (-6 Celsius) at the start made one unpleasant Thanksgiving in the city & # 39; & # 39 decades, years.

Some of the balls were flying just a few feet & # 39; above the people who were keeping their tether. The extended hand bubble "Diary & # 39; Wimpy Kid" seemed to hit to some of its handlers on their heads covered with wool.

Those deciduous neighbors refused to leave the cold temperatures put a damper when watching the parade, raised the blankets and sleeping.

8:40 a.m.

Breeders neighbors they cherish cold b & # 39; blankets and sleeping bags to ensure watching the Macy & # 39; s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.

Be prepared Thursday along the parade route despite the frigid temperatures.

The race say they can & # 39; is the most cold day in the history of the parade.

The Police Department & # 39; New York says that the wind conditions are good enough to allow the giant balls like SpongeBob characters Charlie Brown and fly safely.

Among the scheduled artists are Diana Ross, John Legend and Martina McBride.

Tony Stout ikkampjaja with his extended family at 2 a.m. to ensure that got a good view of & # 39; his son, who was participating in the parade with the band & # 39; marching of the State University of Ohio.

He says he 'freeze and numb, but excited. "

1:18 a.m.

Diana Ross can & # 39; be singing "Stop! In Name & # 39; Gloves" to lestet time in Parade & # 39; Thanksgiving Day in a super chilly Macy & # 39; New York City.

The race say they can & # 39; is the most cold day in the history of the parade.

John Legend, Martina McBride and Muppets from "Sesame Street" are also scheduled to perform in the frigid cold.

Officials will monitor the wind to see if such giant balloons characters SpongeBob and Charlie Brown can fly safely.

Police say they are ready to order 16 balls filled with & # 39; elmju a lower altitude or completely jillivellawhom if too windy.

There have been accidents and injuries in the past when spiċċawhom cuts.

Other artists include Bad Bunny, Kane Brown, Pentatonix, Sugarland and Barenaked Ladies.

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