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Lockdown removed three high schools & # 39; Toronto, hours after the armed man in the building report


The lockdown at three high schools in Bloor West Village removed, hours after a man with a gun appeared in the building on Thursday morning.

Police responded to a call at & # 39; about 10 m from the Technical School of Business at Western Evelyn Cres., Near Runnymede Rd. and Annette St.

Dozens of & # 39; police cruiser surrounded by three high schools on lockdown in Bloor West Village after having seen b & # 39; motor granted in the building Thursday morning, the police & # 39; Toronto says.
Dozens of & # 39; police cruiser surrounded by three high schools on lockdown in Bloor West Village after having seen b & # 39; motor granted in the building Thursday morning, the police & # 39; Toronto says. (Gilbert Ngabo / TORONTO STAR)

Dozens of & # 39; cruise surrounded the building and more than 100 officials were on the ground, made a thorough search of the lockers to the boiler room, before & # 39; Task Force members & # 39; Emergency were presented out of school at 2 p.m.

Ursula Franklin Academy and School Student, high schools share buildings with & # 39; Western Tech, also put on lockdown.

The Board & # 39; the District School & # 39; Tweeted in Toronto & # 39; around 2:40 p.m. the lockdown was lifted, more than four & # 39; hours after it was first imposed.

Expelled children in daycare building, much to the delight of their parents look forward to & # 39; out.

"Today was quite an adventure. I'm so happy to be out and safe," said John Hayden about his son & # 39; years.

Student earlier reported that seeing a man inside entrance of the school with & # 39; arms to one of the staff members, police said.

Police said the suspect is a former student & # 39; 18 years, but Sgt. By Garnet does not say whether there was apprehension.

"Everyone at the school is safe", Granata said, adding that there were no injuries.

The latest police said a student who was having trouble breathing required medical attention breath.

Alec Freda, Western technical student & # 39; 18 years, told Star that staff member made an announcement over the PA system in the morning on lockdown. He was in math class.

"Everyone thought it was just & # 39; routine and our teacher missed email", said Star by & # 39; Facebook during the lockdown. "Now the police is in classes checking SWAT gear and going with bags Honestly, we secure nħossuhom but we feel that it can not be coincidence on December 6."

The date marks the 29th anniversary of the attack at the Ecole Polytechnique in & # 39; Montreal, where 14 women were killed to death and 10 others were injured by Marc LEPINE worst shooting bulk in the history of Canada. The data held as the National Day & # 39; Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women since 1991.

The student said that the second announcement came later to ask teachers and students to open the door of their classroom when the police being cut.

"Moreover, we were getting a lot of news from social media and texting friends", he said.

There are about 2,000 children in the facility, said Anthony Vandyke, the principal & # 39; Western Tech, and Georgia Gallagher, principal & # 39; Ursula Franklin.

The schools run sessions & # 39; lockdown every year for students, but it is something that should never happen, said Gallagher.

"Students are highlighted. They are upset and want to come," she said to reporters during the lockdown. "It was really day for the kids."

Vandyke said the students were just talking calmly and play games during the lockdown.

The plants & # 39; STEPPING Stones Montessori Daycare on Runnymede Rd. Nearby, also put on lockdown as a precaution.

Other schools in the area – The Public School & # 39; Keele Street, Public School & # 39; Runnymede, Annette Street Public School, Humberside collegiate Institute and Junior School Alternative MOUNTVIEW – placed in state & # 39;

The landing is used when a threat is inside, or very close, to school. F & # 39; & # 39 situation, lockdown, students are kept in classrooms or in & # 39; other places designated & # 39; away from the threat, where access and visibility are minimized. The staff, responsible for the safety of students, ensure that no one leaves these designated areas.

A lockdown status is different from hold-and-secure. Schools are given status & # 39; maintenance and & # 39; security a threat in the general vicinity of & # 39; school, but not at or near school property.

Doors & # 39; abroad are locked, and nobody can & # 39; enter or leave the school community as a situation develops. The activity & # 39; school continues like & # 39; often, but days and days inside and outside the building temporarily stopped.

Carlota McAllister, her son student in the West, spent & # 39; the morning look for updates along with & # 39; many worried parents. She said that while the police understand and are busy with school closed, there must be a way for the school board to send notifications to affected people.

"I do not want people & # 39; pursuit but they ittejtu it on an hour ago and m & # 39; are saying to keep calm or if the kids are good or no shots were not fired. They they say that every five minutes, "McAllister told the Star in & # 39; telephone interview outside the school.

She said that she found out about the lockdown from her ex-husband saw the police tweet.

F & # 39; afternoon, the school board sent an email to parents and guardians in the subject line, "We Are Safe."

"The students and all staff are safe, and the police are on site to investigate," says the email.

Police said they are providing updates on Twitter as much as & # 39; is.

"Communication is important because we have parents who are concerned about their children", said police spokesman & # 39; Toronto, Arrogante Katrina. "I nippreżenja the Twitter account as I can with respect to & # 39; any information that we receive while undergoing investigation."

The police appointed the Library & # 39; at Bloor St. W. and Runnymede Rd Glendonwynne. as an area of ​​& # 39; stop for parents to meet with their children at the end of the lockdown. A small number of & # 39; the TTC buses were on standby, f & # 39; If the students had rides.

By noon, many parents have come out of school to check their children.

Liz Fursberg, a parent whose son & # 39; 14 years studying the robotics engineering in Grade 9, said she was working near Bay and College Sts., When I heard the news.

"Immediately I took my bike and ran all the way here" she said outside the school.

Żwieġha maintained its messages and letting her know that everything is "calm" inside the school, she said.

"I'm more concerned about my child undergoing this experience", she said, while noting that it was speaking Thursday on the 29th anniversary of the attack at the Ecole Polytechnique.

Marotta is a reporter Stefanie & # 39; news, working at radio room & # 39; Star in & # 39; Toronto. Segwiha on Twitter: @StefanieMarotta

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