Sunday , June 26 2022

Loss & # 39; Lenovo Z5s shows a hole on the ear


It seems that Lenovo loves takes his smartphone remaining fans to ride. Ikkappuntat was a few months back to iqarraqhom to believe that Lenovo has Z5 face & # 39; the entire screen. This did not happen as long as Lenovo Z5 Pro and the camera to slide. Now it seems to be another variant in the works, one that works on the latest trends to place highly visible hole in the middle ear & # 39; Lenovo Z5s.

The Z5s Lenovo, if it really is his name, actually appeared first in TENAA of China as Lenovo L78071 b & # 39; some interesting specs. But thanks to the fact that the phone screen is off, either its definitive features gone unnoticed. At least not until this leakage.

Photos and even with video phone screen lit up just sparajt and surprise surprise, is trying to make Samsung or Huawei. There are many harmful hole on the screen, top and center. On the other hand, stems from road & # 39; any critical piece of information. On the other hand, x & # 39; likely to eat in the text & # 39; any notification will have the misfortune & # 39; wandering too.

Certainly, that is not the only feature that only defines the Z5s, at least & # 39; As x & # 39; intersects with smartphones the Lenovo brand. The list & # 39; & # 39 TENAA showcase, is the first triple camera camera & # 39; Lenovo. It also shows scanner fingerprint & # 39; rear. Lenovo seems not yet ready to make that leap.

Lenovo itself does not seem to make secret & # 39; this feature. According to another leak, the official poster for the phone makes it unambiguous that will have a circular cut on top. It also notes launch & # 39; in December, which is also when they are expected to appear phones of its kind.

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