Saturday , December 4 2021

Margot Robbie reveals "shame" during sex scene Wolf of Wall Street


Margot Robbie spoke the truth "uncomfortable" after that famous left rigid scene in the Wolf of Wall Street.

The Australian actress worked to Naomi LaPaglia in the hit movie in 2014 along with & # 39; Leonardo DiCaprio and referred heads b & # 39; particular scene which seduce its men on the screen, Jordan Belfort (DiCaprio).

But while the scene was featured sexy, was & # 39; far from it and Robbie had to escape his shame just to the handler.

It qaletna the Porter magazine, "Do not sit & # 39; when you see the movie, but in reality we are f & # 39; & # 39 with tiny rooms, 30 murderous crew. All men.

"For 17 hours I pretend you're touching me. It is just a very weird thing and you timerja the embarrassment and absurdity, really deep, and commit itself fully."

As seen in the film, the career & # 39; Robbie left and she since starred in blockbusters like Suicide Squad and the Oscar nominated I, Tonya.

Robbie recently also confirmed that Harley Quinn spin-off is in the works, as posted photo & # 39; writing on her Instagram.

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