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Marriage of & # 39; Candace Cameron Bure with & # 39; Straight from Valeri man is Hallmark Movie


Candace Cameron Bure star in the Hallmark Christmas film The Small Addictive Christmas, Who plays a woman whose struggles to find love and fulfilling career come to an unexpected head when she accidentally bought in & # 39; store at Christmas Eve. When an angel appears custody, it actually review the eve of the past, present and its own future, and come to surprising conclusions about her life and her relationship with her neighbor (Luke McFarlane).

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In real life, the actress & # 39; 42 years was married to her husband born in Russia Valeri Bure for more than 20 years. Here's everything you need to know about the history of their love.

The couple was introduced by co-star & # 39; Full House & # 39; a & # 39; Candace.

Dave Coulier, who had to Joey Gladstone on the ABC sitcom longstanding, introduced his co-star – then Candace Cameron to his future husband, though unintentionally. According bustles, Dave was participating in & # 39; the charity hockey game in 1995, and invited the entire cast to show the match. Candace saw Valeri ice, and immediately was attracted to him, according to an interview with & # 39; Huffington Post. When the pair started talking, it emerged that Valeri was a fan & # 39; full House, And the couple went on their first date the next day. Valeri back to Dave focused hockey stick as a gift, b & # 39; note that read, "Thank you for Candace."

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The married couple 22 & # 39; June 1996, and has three children. Their daughter Natasha was born in 1998, and their two children, Lev and Maksim, born in 2000 and 2002.

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Jesus is "the backbone" of their marriage.

F & # 39; interview with 2018 people, Candace opened the importance of faith in her marriage. "The reality is, the adhesive is Jesus for us", she said. "It's the Bible. You know, when there are arguments or we're compromising, it's always like," Well, let's just go back to the Bible. "It's the foundation for us. So it's not about winning or loss , but doing this journey together. "

Balancing All: The Story of My Priorities and Objectives of Juggling

In her book 2013 Balancing All: The Story of My Priorities and Objectives of Juggling, Candace discussed the dynamics of her marriage. "My husband is a natural born leader," wrote. "I quickly learned that I had to find a way & # 39; honor the personality of the takeover and rnexxilekx to have the final decision on everything. I am not a passive person, but chose to lay yet more role submitted in relationship our because I wanted to do everything in my power to make marriage work and my family. "

It is a hands-on parent.

Candace said people she believes that engaging with her children "b & # 39; constant way." "I talk to them without stopping really conversations of & # 39; intense and profound conversation for the fluffy stuff and the day to day", explained. "It is important to let him know you're there to work & # 39; is. As a mom, I always will I have an opinion, but not with & # 39; judicious way, if that makes sense. I will give my best advice as a mother, or my husband as a father. But we have to be open enough to not feel afraid of being able to talk with us. "

The couple celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary.

Candace posted a tribute to her husband of 22 & # 39; June & # 39; this year, which marked the anniversary of their 22 anniversary. "There really is something special about growing old together", wrote. "Inħobbkom even more than I did on the day of our wedding simply because Naft, 24 years in the making. We've refined each other only happen by screening & # 39; ugly to get to the beautiful."

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